2024 HPOU Scholarship

The annual Houston Police Officers’ Union Scholarship breakfast was held on Saturday, April 13, 2024, at Second Baptist Church Cypress campus. “The essay topic for 2024 was:

“The Mayor of the City of Houston has appointed you as the new Chief of Police for the Houston Police Department. As a newly appointed Police Chief, discuss your goals and how to make the city a safer place to live. How will you accomplish this task? What are your plans to entice new recruits to become police officers? Finally, how will you create a greater partnership between today’s youth and the police.”

The discussion of this topic was fitting and timely as it coincided with the mayoral election of November 2023. The department encountered numerous obstacles in its efforts to enhance its relationships with the community, making it an appropriate essay subject for exploration.

This year, there were 56 scholarship winners and 10 received the top prize of $1,000.

All submitted essays were sent to an outside vendor with the names and personal identifiers omitted from the essays. The vendor assigned numbers to the essays then ranked them from highest to lowest, and assign the dollar amounts according to their rank.

The Houston Police Officers Union would like to extend a special thanks to HPOU Board Member Rhonda Williams who does an excellent job organizing this event from the initial announcements for submissions to the final scholarship breakfast. She works tirelessly on this event, and this event would not be possible without her efforts. Also, the HPOU would like to thank Second Baptist Church Cypress Campus and staff for showing the spirit of love by graciously opening their doors allowing the HPOU to honor our graduating seniors. Also, a special thank you to Chick-Fil-A for their donation to make the Scholarship Awards Ceremony a success.

Please join the HPOU in celebrating our 55 scholarship winners listed below in alphabetical order and applauding our parents for a job well done. 95441

Agee, Kennedi

Arriaga, Ezekiel

Bibb, Hayden

Borak, Lilly

Breaux, Edyn

Butler, Skylar

Cantu, Reese

Carter-Washington, Charisma

Chambers, Ava

Clarke, Mia

Craig, Avery

DeLeon, Natalie

Eads, Gabrielle

Englehardt, Christopher

Foltz, Emma

Fontenot, Destiny

Ford, Reagan

Garcia Jr., Arturo

Girard, Samuel

Godwin, Steven

Gomez, Isabella

Hall, Aidan

Head, Ethan

Joseph, Amyia

Juarez Jr., Raul

LeBlanc, Stephanie

Lorenzana, Micaela

Lumpkin, Joseph

Marcus, Caleb

Marcus, Hunter

McClain, Samantha

Medrano, Enessa

Melendez, Carmen

Montoya, Nayeli

Ngo, Quoc-An Ky

Nguyen, Sydney

Ruland, Mary

Sanchez, Luis

Sanchez, Gunnar

Schindler, John

Schmidt, Stephen

Simmons, Presley

Stepp, Gavin

Sudderth, Alayna

Sumner, Addy

Swank Jr., James

Thompson, Ashley

Turner, Anthony

Urban, Megan

Wang, Victoria

White, Audrey

Williams, Mia

Wilson, Solange

Wilson, Samia

Wohlgemuth, Sommer

In closing, the HPOU Education Committee is looking forward to providing financial support to our deserving “2025” graduates.



Published June 10, 2024

Author Rhonda Williams, Education Committee