Basics of Supplemental Insurance – Part 1

We just came out of open enrollment, and our enrollers fielded lots of questions about how supplemental insurance works. With that in mind, we’ve created a basic primer to help you understand some of the different types of coverage available to you and why each one is important. We’ll be breaking the information into bite-size pieces over the next few months, so look for additional Q&A!

First off: Why do I need supplemental insurance if I already have major medical coverage? The answer is simple: Major medical insurance pays medical providers, ie. doctors, hospitals, or urgent care facilities. However, the portion that your medical insurance pays still leaves you with unforeseen expenses, such as deductibles, co-pays, and time off work, as well as incidentals like gasoline and parking fees. That’s where your supplemental plans come in: Supplemental insurance pays YOU so that you see less or even nothing out of pocket when faced with unanticipated medical bills.

Next: If I have a restricted budget and can only afford one supplemental plan, which one should I pick? In our experience, the Accident Champion coverage is by far the most-utilized plan in our playbook. The reason is quite simple: Accidents happen…whether it’s an IOD, a child injured while playing sports, or an MVA when you’re on your way to the grocery store – the Accident Champion pays benefits to put cash back in your pocket. Accident disability coverage is included to help replace your paycheck for up to 12 months if you’re hurt and unable to work. The coverage starts at under $1 a day, and the benefits it provides are priceless!

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Next in the series: Questions about Covid-19.