PAC Endorsements for the November Election

THE MAY 24 RUNOFF ELECTION SAW ALL BUT ONE of the HPOU PAC’s endorsements win the nomination to represent their political party in the November General Election. The PAC now has readied its list of recommended candidates for that Nov. 6 event.

Please PRINT HERE and keep it in mind as you prepare to vote for those candidates who best represent HPD officers and their families.


Governor:                                                           Greg Abbott (R)

Lt Governor:                                        Dan Patrick (R)

Attorney General:                               Ken Paxton (R)

Comptroller:                                       Glenn Hegar (R)

Texas Land Commissioner:                 Dawn Buckingham (R)

Texas Railroad Commissioner:                       Wayne Christian (R)

Texas Agriculture Commissioner:       Sid Miller (R)

Senate District 1:                                 Bryan Hughes (R)

Senate District 4:                                 Brandon Creighton (R)

Senate District 6:                                 Carol Alvarado (D)

Senate District 7:                                 Paul Bettencourt (R)

Senate District 8:                                 Angela Paxton (R)

Senate District 10:                               Phil King (R)

Senate District 11:                               Mayes Middleton (R)

Senate District 15:                               John Whitmire (D)

Senate District 17:                               Joan Huffman (R)

Senate District 18:                               Lois Kolkhorst (R)

Senate District 24:                               Pete Flores (R)

Senate District 25:                               Dr. Donna Campbell (R)

Senate District 31:                               Kevin Sparks (R)

House District 3:                                 Cecil Bell (R)

House District 16:                               Will Metcalf (R)

House District 18                                Ernest Bailes (R)

House District 24:                               Greg Bonnen (R)

House District 31:                               Ryan Guillen (D)

House District 42:                               Richard Raymond (D)

House District 61:                               Frederick Frazier (R)

House District 127:                             Charles Cunningham (R)

House District 129:                             Dennis Paul (R)

House District 130:                             Dr. Tom Oliverson (R)

House District 132                              Mike Schofield (R)

House District 133:                             Mano Deayala (R)

House District 134:                             Ann Johnson (D)

House District 138:                             Lacey Hull (R)

House District 145:                             Christiana Morales (D)

House District 146:                             Sam Harless (R)

House District 143:                             Ana Hernandez (D)

Texas Supreme Court Pl 3                   Debra Lehrmann (R)

Texas Supreme Court Pl 5                   Rebecca Huddle (R)

Texas Supreme Court Pl 9                   Evan Young (R)

Texas Ct of Criminal Appeals Pl 5       Scott Walker (R)

Texas Ct of Criminal Appeals Pl 6       Jesse McClure (R)

Chief Justice 1st Court of Appeals       Terry Adams (R)

1st Court of Appeals                            April Farris (R)

Court of Appeals Pl 5                          Clint Morgan (R)

14th Court of Appeals Pl 2                   Kevin Jewell (R)

14th Court of Appeals Pl 9                   Randy Wilson (R)

157th District Court                             Tanya Garrison (D)

180th District Court                             Tami Pierce (R)

182nd District Court                             Rob Jackson (R)

183rd District Court                             Kristen Guiney (R)

184th District Court                             Lori De Angelo (R) Dual

184th District Court                             Katherine Thomas (D) Dual

185th District Court                             Chris Carmona (R)

208th District Court                             Heather Hudson (R) Dual

208th District Court                             Beverly Armstrong (D) Dual

209th District Court                             Brian Warren (D)

232nd District Court                             Joshua Norman (R)

248th District Court                             Julian Ramirez (R)

230th District Court                             Brad Hart (R)

262nd District Court                             Tonya Mclaughlin (R)

263rd District Court                             Amber Cox (R)

270th District Court                             Michael Landrum (R)

308th District Court                             Todd Frankfort (R)

309th District Court                             Jesus Guillen (R)

312th District Court                             Teresa Waldrop (D)

313th District Court                             Rachael Leal-Hudson (R)

315th Juvenile Court                            Maria Brock (R)

482nd District Court                             Martiza Antu (R)

Harris County Court 1                         Nathan Moss (R)

Harris County Court 2                         Paula Goodhart (R)

Harris County Court 3                         Leslie Johnson (R)

Harris County Court 4                         Zachary Gibson (R)

Harris County Court 5                         Elizabeth Buss (R)

Harris County Court 6                         Mark Montgomery (R)

Harris County Court 7                         Mike Monks (R)

Harris County Court 8                         Erika Ramirez (D) Dual

Harris County Court 8                         Mark Goldberg (R) Dual

Harris County Court 10                                   Dan Spjut (R)

Harris County Court 11                                   Dan Simons (R)

Harris County Court 12                                   Matthew Dexter (R)

Harris County Court 13                                   Lance Long (R)

Harris County Court 14                                   Jessica Padilla (R)

Harris County Court 15                                   Xavier Alfaro (R)

Harris County Civil District Court 55   Latosha Payne (D)

Harris County Judge                          Alexandra del Moral Mealer (R)

Harris County District Clerk                Chris Daniel (R)

Harris County Commissioner Pct 2     Jack Mormon (R) Primary

Harris County Commissioner Pct 4     Jack Cagle (R)

Harris County Pct 5, Pl 2 JP                 Bret Kisluk (R)

Harris County Pct 1, Pl 2 JP                 Chris Watson (D)