READ NOW: Constitution Revisions


The HPOU continually works to better our relationships at the State and National Levels.  This is one of the reasons that we are members of the State and National Fraternal Order of Police.  Through these efforts we were able to help get Joe Gamaldi elected to the Vice Presidents position of the National FOP and Tom Hayes elected as the Vice President of the State FOP.  These relationships are helping with federal and state legislative issues that effect all law enforcement officers.  We are truly proud to represent the states largest FOP lodge, Lodge 110.  Every officer on the department is a member at no additional cost unless you opt out of the FOP which you can do by simply giving us a call.

Now that we are the largest lodge in the state, we need to modify our constitution to be compliant with the Fraternal Order of Police.  Most are small easy to fix issues, but all constitutional changes require a vote of the membership. For FOP we added the lodge name and the State Trustee position.  We also added the Human Resources Committee and Executive Director positions which we have always had but never listed in the constitution.

Since we are making these changes, we found other changes that will also bring us into compliance with practices we already do but are not listed within the current constitutional framework. One such change will be with regard to the ability of the executive board to hire outside resources in emergency situations.  One example of this is the recent fatality accidents that our members were involved in.  In each case we immediately hired a reconstructionist, and a private investigator to look at the incidents.  By the constitution we would need to take this to a board vote, but due to the urgent nature of the incident we just did it and took it to the board later.  So, I felt it best to get these situations covered under the constitution. Each instance will still be taken to the board, though it can be after the fact.

We also wanted to look at the dues structure and see how we could keep the dues near or under the $60 range.  So, in this constitution the dues will lower to a six-year officer’s salary next fiscal year (2024) and then to a five-year officer’s salary the following year (2025), and then will continue at that 1% of a five-year officer’s salary.  There are also other minor changes that do not affect the current day to day operations but could help in the future as the organization grows.  Please, view and print this constitution here.  I am asking all officers to read over the new constitution and be prepared to vote in October.

I also want everyone to know that you can now sign up for the following board positions that are up in this election cycle.  If you truly want to help this organization move forward, then please consider running for a board position. Again, the sign-up will run until October 6th.

If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to call me, Tim, Ken, Terry, Dan, or Ray.


Douglas Griffith

President, HPOU