After pandemic ‘paws’ HPOU renews partnership with ‘dogged’ BARC pet adoption promo efforts

Officer Whitaker with Sky

Paws and Patrol is out of the pandemic doghouse and once again spotlighting pictures of HPD officers with dogs and cats in need of new owners.

This represents the continuation of a monthly Badge & Gun feature that usually results in the adoption of new pets.

HPOU’s BARC coordinator Danny Levine said, “You can’t stop pet lovers like HPD officers. We are happy to resume this great adopt-a-pet crusade in this month’s edition.”

Paws and Patrol is a partnership that started in 2019 between BARC and the Houston Police Officers Union to highlight our wonderful HPD officers and adoptable pets at BARC.

Levine said he was happy to see an old dog (HPOU 2nd Vice President Tim Whitaker) posing with this month’s potential adoptee.