Alvin’s Fun Run will result in Camp Valor improvements

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Hometown Heroes event was created by HPD Senior Police Officer Matthew Marin, the national director for the Birdwell Foundation for PTSD. It was created to bring awareness to PTSD and allow people to get information on what it is as well as how and where to seek the proper help for recovery.

John Baily(co director Camp valor), graduate of Camp Valor, Mike Davila (co director of Camp Valor), Matthew Marin (National Director Birdwell Foundation), Gene Birdwell (Founder / Birdwell Foundation), Jason White (Florida Director), Mike Gonzalez (San Antonio Director), Gilbert Hernandez (East Texas Director)

I am happy to report that we raised $33,000 at our March 26 Fun Run in Alvin. The money raised will provide an exciting expansion of Camp Valor in Conroe, the great facility established to help military veterans and first responders who suffer from PTSD.

After expenses we made a profit of $26,000. The money will be used to install a new septic system at Camp Valor. Right now can house up to 14 people who can be treated for PTSD.

After this work is done we will be able to serve up to 40 people!

This is very exciting. The event not only raised community awareness of PTSD but also will enable us to help more and more veterans, officers and other first responders.

We also will be able to hook up all the water lines and power lines to the new building we have at the camp. The work has been contracted and we hope it will be complete in a month or so. The work has already started.

The Alvin Fun Run drew a great crowd from the community.

I have a special thanks for the Thin Blue Line, the motorcycle club comprised of riders that include HPD officers past and present. The Line raised $1,500 with its bike ride and the Line’s riders contributed $2,000 out of their own pockets, for a total of $,3,500. This certainly will go a long way to help our friends with PTSD.

This was our second Hometown Heroes Event. We deemed it a huge success and look forward to another event designed to raise awareness of PTSD and the funds needed to serve those suffering from it.

Senior Police Officer Marin is the author of Silent Screams, an autobiographical account of his PTSD experiences at HPD. He is also the national director for First Responders, an arm of the Birdwell Foundation, which created Camp Valor’s recovery program for PTSD victims.