AmCap Home Loans shows special appreciation for HPD officers

David Vasquez with Heather Helton

Let us tell you about a company called AmCap Home Loans. We could start by stating two facts.

First, this company is licensed in more than 40 states with 131 offices and 1,200 employees, including those in the Greater Houston area.

The second fact you need to know is that Heather Helton, wife of recently retired HPD Senior Police Officer Chris Helton of Major Offenders, serves AmCap as vice president of Operators. Her office is located in Friendswood.

These factors work well for Houston officers and, especially, Assist the Officer.

Heather explained that each year AmCap sets aside one day for what it calls Give Back Day. On this day all employees from the top to the bottom of the org chart take the day off to give something back to their community. The day is usually designated the second Thursday in July.

Heather explained: “While we give back throughout the year in various ways, we decided to set aside an intentional day of giving for our entire company, nationwide.

“Our four company charitable pillars are education, veteran services, the arts and community services!”

This year that special day was July 14. The community services recipient was ATO.

Heather and AmCap provided breakfast for members of the Major Offenders team along with Assist the Officer. She said this planned activity was inspired by Chris Helton’s close working relationship to SPO William “Bill” Jeffrey, who was killed in the line of duty while serving a warrant on Dec. 20, 2021.

AmCap’s aim was – and remains – to show HPD officers its appreciation for their dedication, sacrifice and service to the citizens.

No one can capsule these thoughts and goals better than the wife of a retired 30-year officer.

“There is community involvement to show our officers that we stand behind them,” Heather said. “They should never feel they are alone.

School supplies collected for the BEAR Program of CPS

“Unfortunately, in today’s world too many officers feel alone and unappreciated when in reality they are selflessly giving to others.”

The breakfast was not all AmCap did to show its support for HPD officers and working with ATO.

Chris and Heather Helton donated their 2022 Houston Texans season tickets to Assist the Officer.

This means ATO will provide four individual game tickets to specified officers and their families throughout the coming NFL season. This donation is part of Heather and AmCap’s “Give Back Day” activities after having been deeply inspired by ways ATO steps up and helps officers and their families in need.

Heather said, “We realized that ATO has always done a lot for the force. This became evident when we saw what they did for the family of Bill Jeffrey.

“These tickets may be used for any family ATO chooses,” she said. “There are 10 games – two pre-seasons and eight in the regular season. The tickets include a parking pass.”

AmCap’s other Give Back Day activities also included two other very thoughtful and ambitions projects. Employees purchased and provided backpacks and school supplies for each of the children currently in the Children’s Protective Services loop.

That’s not all.

AmCap employees handmade cards for the 4,300 Uvalde students who will return to classes this fall with heavy hearts and a large amount of anxiety. “The cards are wishing them well when they come back for the new school year. Each card has a lollypop or sucker – something to eat and words of encouragement.”

Heather cited the importance of AmCap showing Houston that “we are more than a mortgage.”

“As a mortgage company, we believe part of owning a home or business means investing back into the community. Our mission is to promote positive community change through charitable giving at the national, state and local level.”

Thanks for the Give Back to ATO!