Another big HPOU event: The annual scholarship winners’ breakfast

Some 71 sons and daughters of HPOU members have made their suggestions about how the chief can lower the murder rate.

These ambitious college-bound sons and daughters will be honored at the annual HPOU Scholarship breakfast at 10 a.m. Saturday, April 23 at the Breck Porter Building on the HPOU campus.

HPOU Education Chairwoman Rhonda Williams said each of the essays entered offered helpful suggestions aimed at keeping more human beings alive. “I hope we can introduce some of the top winners to Chief Fenner,” Williams said with a hopeful smile.

Officially, the essay topic was:

With the dramatic increase of shooting deaths in the Houston area, if you were the Chief of Police, how would you reduce these numbers and stress the importance and value of human life?

Yes, it’s a weighty subject every police chief in America is wrestling with in today’s world.

A total of 71 scholarships will be presented, the total amount funded by the Union being $40,500.

Williams was excited about the fact that all 71 of the recipients and their parents will be honored in one session. Last year, the pandemic safeguards required two different sessions, each recognizing half the honorees.

“We are always striving to increase the number of scholarships offered to members of the HPOU family,” Williams said. “This is the second consecutive year in which we have honored more than 70 sons and daughters of HPOU members by helping them defray expenses from their first year of college.”

In the decades-long history of this great program, the Union board of directors has always seen to it that more and more dollars are invested in this awesome resource.