Are there any model patrol cars left? Check with Lisa!

The facts are that the latest supply of HPOU’s model patrol car sales started this past Monday. This means that by the time you read this story the 200 cars on the Union’s sales lot may already be driven out the door.

HPOU’s Lisa Marino said not to worry. Check with her in case someone has not sprung from the MSRP ($25 for the small models, $45 for the large).

Otherwise, she said to stay tuned, for the unending demand for these unique little models means they have been ordered straight from the factory.

Stay tuned for eblast announcements when a new delivery means more purchase opportunities.

The car sales program benefitting Assist the Officer has experienced one sellout after another.

These desktop models have become like the earliest models of the Chevrolet Corvette and the Ford Mustang – you just can’t keep enough of them in stock.

Lisa said each buyer is limited to two cars.

The purchase plan entails submitting a payment and picking up the model vehicles a week later. For the latest editions, this means you can pick up your cars after Labor Day.

“If you failed to come in and pick them up, we refund your money to give somebody else a chance to own one of the cars.”

All profits from the MSRPs benefit Assist the Officer Foundation.