As the World Turns

The Houston Police Department has had more twists and turns on the SL Code scandal than a daytime soap opera.

Yesterday, the great SL code investigation was provided to the Administrative Discipline Committee as completed.  We soon found out that this investigation was promulgated on a discovery letter that was generated by an Executive Assistant Chief.  This letter details a meeting in which this Executive Assistant Chief “distinctly recalled a heightened concern” over the SL code being used in sexual assault cases.

There is only one small problem with this discovery letter.  The HPOU found that this Executive Assistant Chief was 233 miles away at a “Being First” retreat.  For those who do not know, Being First is the program that brought us ONE HPD.  It appears that this discovery letter was factually inaccurate but still used as a basis to conduct a very quick, one sided investigation, leading to a list of former Assistant and Executive Assistant Chiefs being blamed for the code and for allowing it to continue.  Oddly enough, the Chief, who admitted to knowing about this in 2021 was absolved from the investigation, and never even questioned.

What is really frustrating, is how the department has been shoving ONE HPD down our throats for the last few years.  Positions have been created to help change the culture of the department and telling us how much the leadership loves and respects the employees of the Houston Police Department.  We are all ONE HPD.  RIGHT!!!! That is until a scandal hits the department and they need individuals to blame.

It appears that there is a pattern and practice with the Chief.  A critical incident takes place, we immediately start an investigation and find someone to blame. First the Astroworld tragedy, where he demoted three esteemed Assistant Chiefs. Now we have the SL Code debacle with the demotion of two more Assistant Chiefs. I am not sure why anyone would want to be an Assistant Chief in this atmosphere. You too could be the next person tossed under the bus and then backed over. I guess the tenants of ONE HPD are only important when you are trying to protect HPD-1.

Author Doug Griffith, HPOU President

Published May 2, 2024