At last, Buntion receives JUSTICE!

Officer James “Jim” Irby

AFTER CLOSE TO 32 YEARS ON DEATH ROW, lifelong criminal Carl Wayne Buntion is scheduled to receive his just reward on April 21.

Buntion murdered HPD Solo Motorcycle Officer Jim Irby on June 27, 1990 in cold blood. The detailed account of what happened on that deadly date is in this issue of the Badge & Gun, accurately chronicled by retired HPD Homicide Lt. Nelson Zoch. All the facts leave no doubt about Buntion’s motives. He hated cops! He has survived 32 years longer than Officer Irby, whose motorized horse has been the center of attraction at the HPD Museum.

We will never forget Officer Irby. We would like to forget Carl Wayne Buntion, at 78 the oldest member of Death Row in Huntsville. We “might” be able to if the death sentence is carried out as planned.

The event will attract law enforcement officers from all over this area, many of whom will be on their motors on the ready to rev up their engines as Buntion gets the fatal dose. Those revved-up engines will be the last sounds he hears before meeting his Maker.

Irby had no hopes of surviving Buntion’s pistol. Buntion, on the other hand, bought a number of years by using the slow-moving criminal appeals route for which Texas is famous. But those appeals have now been exhausted along with the patience of the Irby family and Houston police officers, past and present.

Rev up those engines. The time has come for justice for Carl Wayne Buntion!