ATO Gala adheres to pandemic restrictions, postpones this year’s even until March 2022

Calendars are rarely marked up very often in this almost-year-long sequestering and postponements.

In that context, please mark your calendars with this date: March 26, 2022 – it’s the date set for the next Assist the Officer Heroes’ Gala.

This exciting tradition has had to be postponed twice due to masking requirements and distancing restrictions. ATO’s Gabriela Gregory said these limitations make a celebration with fine food and dancing practically impossible. She said the venue will remain The Ballroom at Bayou Place and the hosting hotel the nearby Lancaster – just a short walk away.

Since the 2020 Patrol Officer and Investigator of the year could not be officially recognized in 2020, Gregory said they will be identified front and center in 2022. So, too, will the 2021 and 2022 honorees.