ATO Gala & Award Winners Announced

The 4th Annual Assist the Officer Gala will be held on Saturday, March 23, 2024, at the Ballroom at the Bayou Place located at 500 Texas Street in Houston, Texas from 6pm to 11pm. The event will feature awards, surprises, dinner, cocktails, live music, and dancing. This is a great event put on by Assist the Officer every year to honor Houston Police Officers while supporting an organization that directly gives back to HPD. If you have never attended this event, you definitely will want to grab some friends and get your tickets.

Tickets can be bought here: or by using the QR code on the flyer.

(Cost $135 for a first responder ticket and $150 for all other tickets). 174909

Patrol Officer ATO winners, Christopher Wade and Jacob Ready will be honored at this event for their courageous, heroic, and sound tactics while pursuing a suspect on November 17, 2022.  Officers Christopher Wade and Jacob Ready assigned to North Division Hot Spot were riding two man as a marked patrol unit. The officers noticed a suspect that was loitering in a gas station parking lot. As officers pulled into the parking lot the suspect immediately drove away. Officers Wade and Ready got a suspicious hit on the suspect’s license plate for family violence. When officers began to follow the suspect, he started to evade and led officers on a chase.  During the chase the suspect lost control of his vehicle, hit a tree, and came to a stop where he was facing the officers. The suspect immediately grabbed an AK-47 and started shooting at officers through his windshield. Officers Wade and Ready returned fire while in their patrol vehicle, quickly exited their vehicle, and continued to move and communicate while returning fire to subdue the suspect. Officer Ready heard the suspect yelling for help and pulled him out of the vehicle. Both officers swept the suspect’s body for gunshot wounds to apply chest seals or tourniquets as needed.

The Investigator ATO winners include Investigator Valerie Munoz, Investigator Anthony Gutierrez, and Officer Dalton Webb. These investigators coordinated their efforts in an investigation involving a suspect who took an employee at a Fiesta grocery store hostage and held him at gunpoint. The suspect then left the Fiesta and committed a home invasion where he tied up the husband and brutally sexually assaulted his wife. Robbery Detective Valerie Munoz and Special Victims Detective Anthony Gutierrez responded to the scene and were able to trace the suspect to an apartment complex in the Greenspoint area due to an apple watch that was previously stolen. Officer Dalton Webb with North Crime Suppression Team, who is also a Task Force Officer with the FBI’s Violent Crime Task Force, assisted the investigators in expediting DNA processing of physical evidence. This permitted Investigators and Officers, in just a few short weeks, to connect the suspect to a home invasion and another sexual assault and get a violent offender off the street.

Another surprise special guest will be recognized at the event, please attend to see their great contribution to the Houston Police Department!

Published February 5, 2024

Author Shannon Barker, Editor