Beware of that ever-present sign: SOLD OUT!

THE BADGE & GUN CAN SAFELY GO ON RECORD saying that the word around HPD and the HPOU comes right to the point.

The word is SELLOUT!

Just take a look at all of the recent activities covered in this, the November issue of your online newsletter.

Astros playoff T-shirts. Sold out!

Northeast Fall Festival. Plays to 1,500 people from the community. A Sellout crowd!

The Assist the Officer benefit (scheduled for Friday, Nov. 5) for Senior Police Officer Bill Jeffrey (EOW: Sept. 20, 2021) and Sgt. Michael Vance is bound to be as successful as the previous similar fundraisers. We safely deem it to be in the “sellout” category.

You have been informed about the HPOU Family Picnic T-shirts that will go on sale first thing Saturday morning Nov. 13. Yes – you guessed it! – there will be another sellout before noon that day. Make those early purchase plans!

And, we have to say, it would be very nice to sell out of copies of Officer Jamie Byrd-Grant’s memoir of forgiveness, Triumph Over Tragedy. But that event might be a little early to call since those books will be on the printing presses for a long time – a long enough time for you to purchase one!

The month of November is underway now. It’s time to celebrate sellouts. And keep that term in the front of your mind. The HPOU Heroes Gala will be coming up early in the New Year. It will be a SELLOUT!