Birdwell Foundation offers, military personnel freedom from PTSD

Editor’s Note: Clark is a retired Marine Corps veteran who has dedicated his retirement to help law enforcement and military personnel overcome PTSD.

There is a battle that continually brews among our military ranks, both active duty and veterans alike. This is the battle we inevitably will meet with trauma.

Whether it comes in the form of PTSD, stress, addiction, family crisis or the struggle of transitioning from one life to another, our veterans are facing an uphill climb.

The Birdwell Foundation for PTSD understood early on that it was critical to take the war on PTSD as our mission assignment, not only to eradicate veteran suicide, but to infiltrate the decay this can cause for future generations.

We are passionate about setting up our veterans with the tools and resources to move swiftly in addressing their trauma, growing a positive form of healing from the exposure to the environments they valiantly fought in alone, with comrades, and with their families so that they can move forward and live a life worth following – while improving their communities and our nation as continued leaders.

The Birdwell Foundation for PTSD offers free one-on-one counseling, group counseling, networking, benefits, job placement, family counseling and the opportunity to continue an environment of esprit de corps.

We take veterans on a new mission assignment to understand their trauma, attack it directly with peer support mentors (that are all veterans or combat veterans) who have suffered through PTSD and made their way out of the darkness.

We help these active duty and military veterans learn to live and heal through their trauma while living a life of peace and purpose. Your story is either a platform you stand on or a prison you live in and failure is not an option.

Our veterans will stand on their platform distinguished, ready to lead the future veterans of our nation into a prosperous post-military career.

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