Brave Actions of Officer Hitz

On September 29, 2023, officers with the Northeast Crime Suppression Team conducted a proactive investigation at the Summit at Bennington apartments located at 6767 Bennington. Officers conducted their investigation after receiving information of a possible block party/ video recording taking place at that location. From their experience and knowledge of the complex and music video recordings, officers were aware of individuals possibly being armed during the video recordings. Therefore, officers from CST conducted surveillance at the location. As a result, officers observed several males brandishing several firearms in an illegal, reckless, and dangerous manner. Officers developed a tactical plan to safely detain all suspects involved. Officers made their approach in both marked and unmarked vehicles. Officers in marked vehicles were first point of contact with the suspects, who immediately began evading on foot. Officer Hitz, and his fellow officers were in unmarked vehicles. Officer Hitz approached one of the buildings and observed a male suspect brandish and point a rifle at his direction and at his partners. Officer Hitz discharged his duty weapon striking the male suspect. The suspect dropped his weapon and was transported to Ben Taub. Officers detained a total of 8 additional suspects and recovered 5 total firearms. Due to the courageous and brave actions of Officer Hitz, his team was safe and for that the union awards him officer of the month.

Author Editorial Staff

Published November 6, 2023