Awards and Honors

April Investigator of the Month is Officer Amber Khan

Tom Kennedy, Editor on 04.1.21

The resumption of HPOU’s in-person general membership meetings on April 1 saw the presentation of Investigator of the Month honors to Officer Amber Khan. Officer Khan was brought in to assist in an investigation of a suspect in multiple fentanyl overdose deaths on the northwest side. Khan was able to contact the suspect via socialRead more

Erika Camacho and Rene Delgado honored as Officers of the Month

Tom Kennedy, Editor on 03.4.21

Officers Erika Camacho and Rene Delgado earned HPOU Officers of the Month honors for their work responding to an early-morning Jan. 11 aggravated carjacking in the 7800 block of the South Sam Houston Parkway. The two officers got the call about 12:45 a.m. with the dispatcher instructing them that the suspect in the Robbery inRead more

HPOU Investigators of the Month are Ragsdale and Graf

Tom Kennedy, Editor on 03.4.21

During the early morning hours of last March 13, Northeast Patrol units were dispatched to a Code 2 Shooting/Just Occurred at 7300 Schuller Road. The only evidence at the scene were three spent casings, bags of clothes and a puddle of blood next to a wooden fence. Two witnesses said they heard several people inRead more

Union honors Jaylan Lewis as Investigator of the Month

Tom Kennedy, Editor on 02.3.21

HPOU has named Detective Jaylan Lewis as the February Investigator of the Month for his outstanding work in the year that just ended. Here is the story of his achievements. On last Nov. 17, while on his assigned duty as an investigator for the Cyber and Financial Crimes Division, Detective Lewis received a call fromRead more

Sgt. Josue Villa honored as HPOU Officer of the Month

Tom Kennedy, Editor on 02.3.21

Sgt. Josue Villa has been assigned to the South Gessner Patrol Division for the past eight months developing extensive knowledge of criminal investigations while actively following upon cases from the South Gessner Patrol District. Villa’s work prompted HPOU to name him as the February Patrol Officer of the Month. Sgt. Villa’s knowledge of known criminal’sRead more

Union recognizes Thomas and Cisneros for exemplary arrest record

Tom Kennedy, Editor on 01.8.21

The HPOU honored Officers Zachary Thomas and Antonio Cisneros as Patrol Officers of the month in January of the New Year. Thomas and Cisneros have made three significant calls that have led to the arrests of notorious gang leaders and violent gang members in the South Gessner district. During these incidents officers have made arrestsRead more

HPOU chooses Detective Stanfield as Investigator of the Month

Tom Kennedy, Editor on 01.8.21

Detective Roderick Stanfield was assigned a case for follow-up investigation on May 1, 2019 after the original report of a sexual assault disclosure was made on about five weeks earlier. The HPOU honored Stanfield by selecting him Investigator of the Month for January. During the investigation, Detective Stanfield learned of the Continuous Sexual Abuse ofRead more

HPOU names Sgt. Marcus Leonard Patrol Officer of the Month

Tom Kennedy, Editor on 12.3.20

HPOU is recognizing a North Shepherd Patrol sergeant whose serious talk with an armed consumer in an apartment complex resulted in the man dropping his gun and giving up the effort to take his own life. North Shepherd Officer Travis Murdock nominated Sgt. Marcus Leonard for this dutiful action on Oct 31, saying, “I amRead more

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The Presidents Message

A new HPD chapter begins with Chief Finner; meanwhile in Austin, we have battles to fight

It has been a very busy couple of weeks here at the HPOU. We, like most of you, were surprised at the announcement that Chief Acevedo was taking the chiefs job in Miami.

With the quick announcement came a lot of questions and speculation. I have spoken with Chief Acevedo and he told me that this was a move that he did not expect, but after being offered the job and speaking with his wife felt that it would be good for the family.

I want to thank Chief Acevedo for his dedication to the City of Houston and its citizens. I know we did not always agree on issues or decisions, but I have a lot of respect for him as an individual and how he was never afraid to address tough issues.

Now for the next chapter of the Houston Police Department under our new chief, Troy Finner.

I first met

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Whether wintertime snow or spring or summer hurricanes, the Union hall will be on task to help all Houston police officers

I hope everyone made it through “snow-pacalypse” 2021. I know many of you are dealing with damage caused by the winter storm that hit us last week and our prayers are with you.

We were truly blessed here at the HPOU as we try to stay prepared for emergency events. Sunday evening, I was working the GRB warming center when Bobby Kessler contacted me regarding the ability to open the Union hall to give officers a warm place to come during the cold weather.  We agreed to get as much food and snacks as possible before the stores closed.

Upon leaving the GRB, I immediately went to the Union and met with Bobby,who had obtained an entire truckload of supplies.  We then opened the Union hall and provided snacks and drinks the first night.

We continued to operate the Union around the

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Could this be the end of proactive policing?

Most of you know me and know that I have been a proactive officer my entire career. This is the first time I have ever felt that we could be seeing the death of proactive policing.

Like most of you, I was astounded by the indictment of Officer Gallegos for Murder relating to the Harding Street raid from Jan. 28, 2019. Make no mistake about it, this is nothing more than TV justice for this district attorney.

I find it a little odd that she would bring this charge three days before the time limit for the family to file a wrongful death lawsuit. I also find it suspect that the attorney for the family is the same attorney that DA Ogg hired to work on the Arkima case, which was another case she filed for political reasons – and lost!

As I stated in my press conference, Officer Galleg

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New Year has new challenges, including PAC support, legislation

Happy New Year!

We can all agree that 2020 was a very stressful year. It all started with COVID 19, a virus that drastically changed all our lives. The political climate was high, as riots broke out, police reform was put at the forefront, and we sadly lost many of our brothers.

But as bad as it was, the rank and file of the Houston Police Department proved again why we are the best police department in the nation. Just like Hurricane Harvey, every officer went to work and did everything possible to keep the City of Houston from burning like other cities. We stayed Houston Strong!

The restraint and professionalism our officers demonstrated was very impressive. I received calls from other police unions around the nation praising our department for how we performed under pressure. I

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Thank you, Joe! Here’s to looking back and moving forward

Looking back over my time with the Union it is evident that I have worked with some really great leaders. As an HPOU board member, I had the good fortune to work with Gary Blankinship and J. J. Berry, who were class guys and taught me a lot about what a union should be and how it should function.

After taking J. J.’s place as 1st vice president in 2012, I had the honor of working with Ray Hunt and Joe Gamaldi, both of whom have been exceptional leaders for our great organization, and individuals that I am proud to call friends.

As most of you know, Joe worked very hard and burned a lot of time to prepare for the sergeant’s exam. In what should not be a surprise to anyone that he ended up number one on the list.

I am so very proud of his hard work and dedication to t

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