Awards and Honors

Officers Barajas & Syed called to a citizen holding a suspect

Editorial Staff on 03.6.23

Published March 6, 2023 Author Editorial Staff On February 7, 2023, Officers Barajas and Syed were called to a Citizen holding Suspect at a Randall’s. As officers escorted the suspect out of the store, they learned that the suspect committed aggravated robbery while there and he was also the suspect in a shoplifting nearby. OfficersRead more

HPOU Recognizes Patrol Officers of the Month Wade & Ready

Editorial Staff on 02.6.23

On November 17, 2022, Officers Wade and Ready assigned to North Division Hot Spot were riding two man as a marked patrol unit. The officers noticed a suspect that was loitering in a gas station parking lot. As officers pulled into the parking lot the suspect immediately drove away. Officers Wade and Ready got aRead more

Officer Tapia & Det. Hicks are honored has Investigator of the Month

Editorial Staff on 02.6.23

On September 25, 2022, Southwest Patrol officers responded to a shooting that just occurred at Clutch City Cluckers Food Truck where a man was shot multiple times in the abdomen and back. Responding officers were able to review video evidence and learned there was a female witness with the suspected male shooter. When Officer TapiaRead more

The Presidents Message

Discipline vs. Supervision

Over the last few weeks, I have discussed some of the issues that I believe cause morale to suffer within our department.  I think we can all agree that discipline and the way it is perceived has a negative influence on the attitudes of our officers. We have all heard about the guy who received days off and is getting “screwed” by the department. But to be honest, it is very few that I would classify as getting “screwed”.  I understand that most officers do not like to admit when they make a mistake, but that is what most discipline is tied to. Just like shootings, officers do not leave the house every day saying, I think I am going to violate some policies today.  They are mistakes for the most part, but the way in which we deal with them must change.  I am not aware of any pr

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