Awards and Honors

Recovered Narcotics by Det. Sigue

Editorial Staff on 11.6.23

Det. Sigue conducted a narcotics investigation at 6726 Canal Street, which is located in Eastside Patrol. Det. Sigue was at this location after learning narcotics were being sold to the community from this residence. In a month, Det. Sigue gained intelligence of this location which led him to obtain narcotics search warrant for the residence.Read more

The Presidents Message

Mental State of Mind is Everything

I know that it has been a while since I was out on the streets chasing crooks, but I still get in uniform from time to time, and not just for the discount at Lubys. But when you put that uniform on there are things you think about that will never leave you.  Be it the good time you had with other officers like I did in the Gang Unit at Southeast, or the bad times at the funerals of friends lost.  All of these things play into who we are as individuals.

There are other things that play into who we are, like the responses we have to certain events. We have all been somewhere and noticed that something just isn’t right.  Our senses heighten, we pay attention to everyone around us, and making sure we have a plan if something does go down. This is who we are, the vigilant who see things

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