Awards and Honors

Union names Blackmon Investigator of the Month

Tom Kennedy, Editor on 11.7.22

The Union presented Detective R. Blackmon with its Investigator of the Month honor at the Nov. 3 general membership meeting. HPOU 3rd Vice President Terry Seagler made the presentation and gave the following synopsis of Blackmon’s work. Recently, Blackmon, assigned to the Special Victims Division, was following up on a case of a found child.Read more

Kumar and Eliot picked for Patrol Officers of Month

Tom Kennedy, Editor on 10.10.22

The Union named Kumar and Eliot Patrol Officers of the Month for October in the Oct. 6 general membership meeting. Recently, South Central Patrol officers Kumar and Elliot were dispatched to an Urgent CIT Welfare Check on Fannin Street. The officers immediately began doing research on the consumer and attempting to get information to verifyRead more

Det. Cole Investigator of the Month

Tom Kennedy, Editor on 10.10.22

HPOU named Detective Cole as its investigator of the month for October, and she was honored at the October 6 Membership Meeting. Det. Cole of Major Assaults was recently assigned several complex Aggravated Assault-Deadly Weapon cases. Many of the incidents tragically turned into Murder cases when the victims succumbed to their wounds. In one ofRead more

The Presidents Message

HPOU Board of Directors 2022 Election


As many of you know, the HPOU elections start today at Noon and will run until October the 21st at Noon. I am asking that each of you take the time to get to know the individuals running for Union positions. I am excited to see so much interest in making this organization the best that it can be. We are starting to see a younger crowd show interest in being a part of what is going on at the HPOU. On average, we only have about a 25% participation rate in voting. We must all remember that we are voting for the leadership of the Majority Bargaining Agent of the largest police department in the state.<

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Fighting the good fight, just not in public.

I have been the president for almost two years now and often hear people complain that the Union doesn’t fight for the membership.  One member even stated that we are not “militant” enough.

We fight for our members daily, but I can understand why some would believe otherwise, because I fight most battles behind closed doors.  I do not feel that it benefits the organization, or the membership to battle in the public eye.

Don’t get me wrong, there are times when we are pushed to the point that we have to take it public.  This was evident during the press conference we held for the Northeast officers and Sergeant, that Acevedo wrongfully fired.  We made that a very public fight, even to the point that I was called into Acevedo’s office over my comments about his missing PR

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