Awards and Honors

Northeast Officers Rubio and Villareal Patrol Officers of Month

Tom Kennedy, Editor on 09.1.20

HPOU has selected Northeast Patrol Officers Rubio and Villareal as the Patrol Officers of the Month for September. The officers will receive the honor privately since the Union has put off having general membership meetings until the pandemic comes to an end. On April 7 Rubio and Villareal had just left a call when theyRead more

Officer Vollert recognized for bringing sexual abusers to justice

Tom Kennedy, Editor on 07.20.20

The Houston Police Officers Union is honoring Officer Mark Vollert as Investigator of the Month for his success in bringing to justice a child sex abuser and the mother of the two young victims. Two child complainants, ages 6 and 10, made an outcry of being sexually abused by their mother’s boyfriend. Officer Vollert wasRead more

Officer Zink recognized for his field training prowess, dedication

Tom Kennedy, Editor on 07.20.20

The HPOU is recognizing its patrol officer and investigator of the month despite the coronavirus policy in place that prevents the Union from having a monthly general membership meeting.   For the month of August, HPOU is recognizing Officer Kyle Zink as Patrol Officer of the Month. Under the circumstances Officer Zink will receive theRead more

The Presidents Message

Here’s news you will hear from me and not through the rumor mill

Before the HPD/HPOU rumor mill gets going too quickly, I want to share with you all that my current term ending in December 2021 will be my last as the president of the HPOU.

It has been the honor of a lifetime to be your elected voice in Houston. For the last 10 years I have poured my heart and soul into the Houston Police Officers Union, working tirelessly to take care of every single one of you and your families.

Many have already asked, and I am sure more will, why now? This is purely a family decision, as I would like to spend more time with my daughters as they grow up. This 24/7/365 job as president is not always conducive to spending quality family time.

Do not fret, if you haven’t noticed the HPOU has become an eclectic mix of youth/experience, patrol/investigations, wh

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The public does NOT support defunding, dismantling the police

In the wake of the protests and riots we saw across the country, a popular talking point for virtue-signaling politicians, media and Hollywood elites was to defund and dismantle police departments. I can’t begin to tell you how ridiculous this concept is, especially when you are seeing violent crime spiking in every major city across the country.

The murder rate increases in our large cities over last year are nothing short of staggering:

  • New York- 30 percent
  • Philadelphia- 30 percent
  • Chicago- 34 percent
  • Houston- 39 percent
  • Los Angeles 17 percent

But that didn’t stop places like NY and LA from defunding their police departments to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. All of this despit

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