Awards and Honors

Woman wanting to commit suicide

Editorial Staff on 09.11.23

On May 20th, Officer Washom was dispatched to a welfare check where there was a report of a woman wanting to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge. Officer Washom arrived at the location but was not able to locate the consumer because the location was determined from a phone ping. Officer Washom called theRead more

14-year-old complainant was shot in the abdomen

Editorial Staff on 08.7.23

On April 12, 2023, Detective Hall with Major Assault was assigned an Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon where a 14-year-old complainant was shot in the abdomen when he and his father were innocently caught in a crossfire situation. Det. Hall with assistance of his partner Det. Godoy met with officers on scene who advisedRead more

Suspect refused to stop and led officers on a vehicle pursuit

Editorial Staff on 08.7.23

Officers Bradshaw, Joseph, and Holmes are assigned to Night shift at Southeast where they attempted to initiate a traffic stop on a vehicle that was driving recklessly running stop signs and red lights. The suspect refused to stop and led officers on a vehicle pursuit that reached speeds of 95 mph. the suspect drove throughRead more

The Presidents Message

Arrive alive

Arrive alive! How many times have we heard this over our career?  From the early days in the academy, we have heard our trainers say that we can’t help if we don’t get there. We have always taken the stance that we want our officers to arrive safely on every scene.  I remember very vividly running an assist the officer call on London Street in Southeast.  As I slowed to make the turn, one of my classmates hit me from behind sending me into a ditch.  We were two blocks from the assist.  Luckily no one was hurt, other than my classmate’s pride, and another unit made it to the officer in need and quickly handled business at the assist.

That was a very clear lesson that we both learned that day.  It was true, you can’t help anyone if you are in an accident.  This also pulls r

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Fights worth fighting…

Most of our members are unaware as to what we do over here at the union.  Any given day you will find us in our office working to resolve whatever issue has jumped up in the last 24 hours.  Over the last few weeks, we have been very vocal over a variety of issues that affect all of our members. I know that most do not watch the evening news and do not get to see my interviews or press conferences, but I do plenty of them.  If I cannot do it, I have Ken, Ray, or Tim handle it, because it is important to get our message out there to the community.

Three weeks ago, we held a press conference and called for the resignation or removal of Dr. Peter Stout with the Forensics Science Center. The Forensics Science Center is now backlogged in every single area in which they conduct analysis and

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