Awards and Honors

Shooting at Whataburger

Editorial Staff on 06.10.24

On Saturday, March 2, 2024, Central Patrol responded to a Shooting call at a Whataburger. Two restaurant employees were shot at by two unknown suspects who were unhappy with their food order. The suspects pulled a gun out and began to shoot indiscriminately in the restaurant at a dining room full of customers and staff;Read more

Vehicle Pursuit

Editorial Staff on 05.6.24

Officers Garrett and Shaffer observed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed and weaving in and out of traffic. They attempted to stop the vehicle; however, when the vehicle refused to stop a 10-minute pursuit ensued. A PIT maneuver ended the pursuit, and the suspect was taken into custody. The suspect was highRead more

Six Violent Robberies

Editorial Staff on 05.6.24

Detective Szkody led an investigation into a series of six violent robberies perpetrated by two suspects. These suspects terrorized innocent victims by carjacking them violently at gunpoint and inflicting vicious harm upon them. The suspects would ruthlessly remove valuables from their victims, leaving behind a trail of trauma and injuries. Detective Szkody sifted through vastRead more

The Presidents Message

Where do we go from here?

As most know, the HPOU has been very vocal over the last few months regarding the command staff and specifically the former Chief.  This all stemmed from the infamous SL code that most officers were not even aware of.  If you did not work investigations, then you more than likely had not heard of it.

I attended a City Council meeting towards the end of 2014 where a presentation was provided by then Chief McCleland regarding the status of a report completed by Justex. The 2014 report provided and overview of the manpower across the city and included information about investigating cases.  I do not recall the specifics regarding investigated cases in the report but that there will be a number of cases that will have to go unworked due to manpower.  However, I distinctly recall Ray Hun

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As the World Turns

The Houston Police Department has had more twists and turns on the SL Code scandal than a daytime soap opera.

Yesterday, the great SL code investigation was provided to the Administrative Discipline Committee as completed.  We soon found out that this investigation was promulgated on a discovery letter that was generated by an Executive Assistant Chief.  This letter details a meeting in which this Executive Assistant Chief “distinctly recalled a heightened concern” over the SL code being used in sexual assault cases.

There is only one small problem with this discovery letter.  The HPOU found that this Executive Assistant Chief was 233 miles away at a “Being First” retreat.  For those who do not know, Being First is the program that brought us ONE HPD.  It appears that th

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