Help ATO continue their mission!

Editorial Staff on 09.2.21

The 2022 “Give & Grow” Combined Municipal Campaign (CMC) officially starts Friday, October 1.  Please, consider donating a portion of your check for the upcoming year to help ATO continue their mission to offer immediate financial assistance to active Houston Police Officers that have been critically injured or suffer from a terminal illness.  Submit yourRead more

Filing period opens for 12 board positions

Tom Kennedy, Editor on 09.2.21

Filing has opened for the October election period for Union members seeking a total of 12 board member positions as well as HPOU president, third vice president and secretary offices. The sign-up period officially began Sept. 1 and will continue through 8 a.m. the morning of Oct. 7. At noon that day official voting beginsRead more

Message from HPOU President

Dough Griffith, HPOU President on 08.5.21

Members, As President of the organization, I get all the negative feedback from members regarding ever aspect of the department as well as the HPOU.  I often get frustrated when people come in and make comments without knowing what we really do here.  I recently had an officer come in and ask exactly what hisRead more

Update: Niko has been adopted!

Editorial Staff on 08.5.21

SGT. Griffin was next up for #PawsAndPatrol and he decided to go the feline route! Niko was quickly adopted after the photo shoot, but he has plenty of other friends looking for their furever home!! We are so thankful for our partnership with the Houston Police Officers’ Union and the time that their dedicated PoliceRead more

Tickets available now! Summer of Fury – Battle of Heroes

Tom Kennedy, Editor on 08.5.21

Tickets available now at bidpal.net/summerfury Call out some in-shape Houston police officers and firefighters. Get out the boxing gloves. And whadaya got? A Guns and Hoses event! Mark your calendars for 6 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 21 to be present at an event known as: Summer of Fury: Battle of Heroes. It benefits Assist the Officer.Read more

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The Presidents Message

Interested in being a leader?

Leadership is a word tossed around by many to label the head of an organization.  But what is a real leader?  Is it a chief of police, is it the commander at the station, or is it the hard worker on your shift?

There are plenty of supervisors out there who think they are “leaders.” But let’s be honest, not every supervisor is a leader.  You can teach anyone to be a supervisor, but you cannot teach leadership.

Can you teach aspects of leadership?  Certainly. But we must also understand that there are certain aspects of leadership that cannot be taught or learned from a book.  Leadership is a calling, a feeling, a burning from inside that makes you want to do what you do.

True leaders will find a way to make things work in the worst of situations and a way that makes ever

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Message from HPOU President


As President of the organization, I get all the negative feedback from members regarding ever aspect of the department as well as the HPOU.  I often get frustrated when people come in and make comments without knowing what we really do here.  I recently had an officer come in and ask exactly what his dues go for every month?  Believe it or not, I appreciate people coming in and asking questions, and actually take an interest in what the organization does for them. I could tell he was frustrated, and this interaction give me the opportunity to show what we actually do (and brag a little). We spoke for almost an hour, and I believe that he was satisfied with what I had to say and felt more comfortable when he left.  But our conversation made me realize that we do not do a ver

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Attitudes toward officers makes proactive policing very difficult, yet we HPD officers have more support than officers in most big cities

I came onto the Houston Police Department in 1990 in class No. 142.  During my entire career I have been incredibly proud of the department and consider it one of the best police departments in the nation.

I can recall times when other departments would look to Houston and ask us to help train other departments.  We have led the nation with our innovative homeless outreach and mental health response teams (CIRT).  I have always considered myself a proactive officer being in the Gang Task Force, Divisional Gang Unit, and the Tact Team at Southeast.

I know firsthand that proactive policing is necessary to keep crime rates down and the community safe.  If it were not for great proactive patrol officers and line level Tac and Gang units, the City of Houston would have been crime ridd

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Let’s discuss professionalism, which now begins with the old adage: Watch your language


I’m sure that it is easy for those in Command to look at body camera videos and determine what you should be doing and saying in the streets, but we all know the realities of a high-stress scene.

Over the last few years, I have sat on the Administrative Discipline Committee fighting for officers over discipline recommendations. With the introduction of the Body Worn Camera systems there was a quick downturn on discipline cases as the cameras were somewhat of a shock to our system.

The department found that officers were much more professional when on camera. Over the years I have noticed that officers curse quite a bit on video, which has not been a problem when dealing with violent suspects.

As we all know, over the last year there has been a lot more scrutiny over

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A new HPD chapter begins with Chief Finner; meanwhile in Austin, we have battles to fight

It has been a very busy couple of weeks here at the HPOU. We, like most of you, were surprised at the announcement that Chief Acevedo was taking the chiefs job in Miami.

With the quick announcement came a lot of questions and speculation. I have spoken with Chief Acevedo and he told me that this was a move that he did not expect, but after being offered the job and speaking with his wife felt that it would be good for the family.

I want to thank Chief Acevedo for his dedication to the City of Houston and its citizens. I know we did not always agree on issues or decisions, but I have a lot of respect for him as an individual and how he was never afraid to address tough issues.

Now for the next chapter of the Houston Police Department under our new chief, Troy Finner.

I first met

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