Virtual Care Options for Alternate Work Schedules

Kelsey-Seybold on 06.10.24

Taking care of yourself and your family should be a priority, but it can be difficult when you work an alternative schedule. Whether you are assigned to work days, evenings, nights, or power shifts, don’t put your care on hold! Kelsey-Seybold has options for you to get the care you need. Kelsey patients have manyRead more

2024 HPOU Scholarship

Rhonda Williams, Education Committee on 06.10.24

The annual Houston Police Officers’ Union Scholarship breakfast was held on Saturday, April 13, 2024, at Second Baptist Church Cypress campus. “The essay topic for 2024 was: “The Mayor of the City of Houston has appointed you as the new Chief of Police for the Houston Police Department. As a newly appointed Police Chief, discussRead more

Meet Lucia!

BARC on 06.10.24

Meet Lucia A1858806, our adorable spotlight pup for this month’s Paws to the Rescue, brought to you by our amazing partnership with the Houston Police Officers’ Union (HPOU)! Lucia had the pleasure of spending time with Officer Comparan, and let’s just say, it was love at first belly rub!  This sweet girl couldn’t get enoughRead more

Military Funerals: Honors & Procedures

Dignity on 06.10.24

The personal sacrifices made by members of the armed forces cannot be overestimated. At Dignity Memorial®, we deeply appreciate those who have served our country with courage and selflessness.  Dignity Memorial® providers are honored to do our part in turn by caring for military veterans and their families. Military funeral honors are a dignified ceremony andRead more

Vice President of HPOU, SPO Ken Nealy

Shannon Barker, Editor on 06.10.24

The HPOU is proud to announce that Vice President, Senior Police Officer Ken Nealy was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Houston Police Department during the 2024 Police Week Ceremonies. Ken Nealy has served as an active Houston Police Union Board Member for eight years; he advocates for officers’ rights and supports officers’Read more

7-Day Suspension for a Pursuit Completely Overturned

David “Dave” Thomas, HPOU Staff Attorney on 05.14.24

During a two-day hearing on March 20 and 29, 2024, HPOU Staff Attorney Dave Thomas represented a North Belt Division Officer in his arbitration appeal of a 7-Day Suspension, which was issued on November 28, 2023, by former Chief of Police Troy Finner.  The Officer was alleged to have violated General Order 600-04 (Motor VehicleRead more

5-Day Suspension Reduced to Written Reprimand

David “Dave” Thomas, HPOU Staff Attorney on 05.14.24

During a one-day hearing on February 27, 2024, HPOU Staff Attorney Dave Thomas represented a Downtown Division Officer in his arbitration appeal of a 5-Day Suspension, which was issued on August 14, 2023, by former Chief of Police Troy Finner.  The Officer was alleged to have violated General Order 500-04 (Driving While Intoxicated – Policy)Read more

Project Zero – Transforming Wellbeing

Project Zero on 05.6.24

Project Zero: Transforming Wellbeing for a Life Worth Living As the frontline guardians of our community, law enforcement officers and first responders in Houston play an indispensable role in ensuring public safety. With strong ties into Houston law enforcement, Project Zero has aimed to be a beacon of support for our local law enforcement, firstRead more

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The Presidents Message

Where do we go from here?

As most know, the HPOU has been very vocal over the last few months regarding the command staff and specifically the former Chief.  This all stemmed from the infamous SL code that most officers were not even aware of.  If you did not work investigations, then you more than likely had not heard of it.

I attended a City Council meeting towards the end of 2014 where a presentation was provided by then Chief McCleland regarding the status of a report completed by Justex. The 2014 report provided and overview of the manpower across the city and included information about investigating cases.  I do not recall the specifics regarding investigated cases in the report but that there will be a number of cases that will have to go unworked due to manpower.  However, I distinctly recall Ray Hun

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As the World Turns

The Houston Police Department has had more twists and turns on the SL Code scandal than a daytime soap opera.

Yesterday, the great SL code investigation was provided to the Administrative Discipline Committee as completed.  We soon found out that this investigation was promulgated on a discovery letter that was generated by an Executive Assistant Chief.  This letter details a meeting in which this Executive Assistant Chief “distinctly recalled a heightened concern” over the SL code being used in sexual assault cases.

There is only one small problem with this discovery letter.  The HPOU found that this Executive Assistant Chief was 233 miles away at a “Being First” retreat.  For those who do not know, Being First is the program that brought us ONE HPD.  It appears that th

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