Officer Morrison Benefit Recap

Shannon Barker, Editor on 02.5.24

On Friday, January 26, 2024, a benefit was held at the Houston Police Officer Union for the family of Officer Dalton Parker Morrison who passed away on December 1, 2023, from an aggressive form of cancer. Officer Morrison was married and had three children that he left behind when he tragically lost his battle withRead more

Robert A. (Bob) Armbruster Retires from HPOU

Shannon Barker, Editor on 02.5.24

A Houston Police Department legend retires from his role as an attorney with the Houston Police Officer Union. Mr. Armbruster started his HPD career as a cadet on August 23, 1971, after leaving the United States Marine Corps where his tour of duty included Camp Pendleton, California, Republic of Vietnam and Marine Barracks, Washington, D.C.Read more

Meet Waffles!

BARC on 02.5.24

Meet Waffles A1919197, the adorable pup looking for his forever home at BARC and this month’s Paws to the Rescue pick! This morning, members from the Houston Police Officers’ Union visited BARC to help shine a light on this cutie. Waffles loves attention and is great on the leash. While spending some time in theRead more

COH Open Enrollment

Yvonna Lex, FRBT on 02.5.24

Members, We’ve learned that COH Open Enrollment is slated to run March 11 through March 29 this year. Now is the time to start looking at your current insurance coverage, especially supplemental plans. Many people sign up for different plans throughout the years and end up carrying duplicate coverage with multiple companies. First Responders BenefitRead more

HPOPS Special Election

HPOPS on 02.5.24

The HPOPS Board of Trustees Special Election is under way. You should receive a ballot in the mail as well as an email with a link to the election website. Trustee candidates’ biographical information is available through the voting site and will also be included with the paper ballot. In addition, video interviews with eachRead more

HPOU Treats Members to Houston Ballet Nutcracker

Shannon Barker, Editor on 02.5.24

As a token of appreciation to the members of the Houston Police Officer’s Union (HPOU), HPOU generously donated 50 tickets for members to attend the Houston Ballet Nutcracker on December 8, 2023. The attending members arrived dressed in their formal attire ready to enjoy an evening at the ballet. Members were met with signs welcomingRead more

It’s American Heart Health Month

George Adesina, MD, MSPH, FACC on 02.5.24

February is American Heart Health Month, making this an opportune time to learn more about cardiovascular occurrence and lifestyle modifications you can make at any age to help lower your risk from experiencing a cardiovascular emergency.                       I would like to focus on a sometimes-misunderstoodRead more

2024 HPOU Scholarship

Editorial Staff on 02.1.24

SCHOLARSHIP DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO FRIDAY, 3/1.  PLEASE CONTACT RHONDA WILLIAMS AT RWILLIAMS@HPOU.ORG WITH ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS. “The Mayor of the City of Houston has appointed you as the new Chief of Police for the Houston Police Department. As the Police Chief, what are your goals to make the city aRead more

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The Presidents Message

Arrive Alive!

Editor’s Note: Originally published on September 15, 2023.  Republished February 16, 2024.

Arrive alive! How many times have we heard this over our career?  From the early days in the academy, we have heard our trainers say that we can’t help if we don’t get there. We have always taken the stance that we want our officers to arrive safely on every scene.  I remember very vividly running an assist the officer call on London Street in Southeast.  As I slowed to make the turn, one of my classmates hit me from behind sending me into a ditch.  We were two blocks from the assist.  Luckily no one was hurt, other than my classmate’s pride, and another unit made it to the officer in need and quickly handled business at the assist.

That was a very clear lesson that we both

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The future and the past

Again, the HPOU was front and center in the elections of the Mayor and City Council.  All but three of those we endorsed were winners.  The three that we did not support are prior friends of the HPOU and understood why they were not selected and will continue to be good friends of the organization in the future.  In fact, we have already met with them and had a very good conversation and look forward to working with them.

It was a great day for Houston when former Senator, now Mayor Whitmire was elected by a large margin to run this city.  We look forward to working with him over the next four to eight years to improve the department, and the city. We all know that there are issues within the department including the recruiting and retention of good officers.  I look forward to wor

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