Let’s identify nine judges who freed accused killers on low bonds

Tom Kennedy, Editor on 01.6.22

The number of individuals murdered by felons nine specific state district judges released on low bonds or what amounts to a “Get Out of Jail Free” card has reached a crisis point. The judges – all first-termers – seem to be in competition to see which one can release the most killers back on theRead more

HOPA’s response to two unexpected HPD family tragedies

Tom Kennedy, Editor on 01.6.22

In the words of one HPOU leader, “This is a good story about people working together to make a bad thing good.” First, we must tell you about the bad things that happened. This past March, retired Robbery Sgt. Jon Golemon died of the proverbial “widow maker” in the presence of his two young daughters.Read more

Healthy New Year’s resolutions you can actually keep

Kelsey-Seybold on 01.6.22

It’s that time when most of us make New Year’s resolutions. They usually include intentions to lead healthier lives. Be advised: Your 2022 resolutions will likely get challenged. For a better chance at long-term success, don’t get too complicated. Oftentimes, wellness resolutions are so restrictive and unsustainable they’re broken in February. (That’s why many peopleRead more

Here’s how you can help support local PTSD counseling efforts

Matthew Marin on 01.6.22

The Birdwell Foundation San Antonio Chapter was nominated and selected as December’s “Pay It Forward award,” presented by local news station WOAI Channel 4 and the Carabin Law Firm. This prestigious award is given to a San Antonio local non-profit organization that is making an immense difference in its community. In addition, a donation awardRead more

T.A.C.T. Houston does what HPD officers’ duty doesn’t require

Tom Kennedy, Editor on 01.6.22

Hardly a day goes by without HPD officers finding themselves in the middle of the bloody aftermath of a crime, a suicide or an undiscovered body. The cleanup is not a part of their duties – only the investigation that will hopefully close these cases. Somebody else – a civilian – must perform the cleanupRead more

Meet Nome! BARC’s featured dog for Paws and Patrol

Editorial Staff on 01.6.22

Thank you to the Medinas from the Houston Police Officers’ Union for partnering with us today to promote Nome, A1794543, for this week’s #PawsAndPatrol! Now both HPD Sergeants, the Medinas are high school sweet hearts who went through the academy together! They were the perfect pairing for Nome, a super friendly husky mix whose chillRead more

Birdwell Foundation offers, military personnel freedom from PTSD

Josh Clark on 01.6.22

Editor’s Note: Clark is a retired Marine Corps veteran who has dedicated his retirement to help law enforcement and military personnel overcome PTSD. There is a battle that continually brews among our military ranks, both active duty and veterans alike. This is the battle we inevitably will meet with trauma. Whether it comes in theRead more

Second Union-sponsored Spiritual Healing Crusade set for Jan. 13

Tom Kennedy, Editor on 01.6.22

The Houston Police Officers’ Union is sponsoring a second Spiritual Healing Crusade on Thursday, Jan. 13, 2022, at the Union headquarters. The purpose of this event is to help law enforcement officers with these challenging and unprecedented times by empowerment and encouragement through the word of God. “The first Spiritual Healing Crusade held last JulyRead more

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The Presidents Message

Happy New Year – a year HPD begins with short staffs on the streets

Going into the new year, we always get excited and look forward to starting out fresh and getting things “in order”.  This year was no different as we rang in the new year trying to stay positive.  It can often be hard to look forward to a new year when we have so many big issues that we are facing as an organization.

First and foremost are the staffing issues that we are seeing at every station across the city.  I worked New Years eve at Southeast and roll call consisted of about six people for early side and another six for late side for two districts.  We were non-stop the entire night!

Our manpower issues are being exacerbated by the current Covid is spike. We had over 420 officers out as of New Year’s Day which is leading to dangerous situations on the streets. We must

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You may be asking: What is involved in Contract Negotiations?

Every time we work on a contract, we do a survey of what people would like to see in the contract.  In the last survey in 2020 we only had 51 members who responded, and it was obvious that most were supervisors. Since that survey, I have received about 40 more emails regarding the writers’ “wish list” for the contract. Overwhelmingly, pay was on the top of the list for items in the contract. Second was more time off.

We are only in our second meeting over the contract and are bound by a confidentiality agreement. So discussing issues is prohibited.  But I wanted everyone to know how the process works as many do not understand the intricacies of Meet and Confer.

Being in a right-to-work state, it is a process that seems to work better than collective bargaining.  In northern

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Changes in the IAD interview process and other important information every HPOU member needs to keep at hand

I have heard many people say that there are issues with the IAD process and oral interviews. Most are not aware that the ability to conduct oral interviews is in Chapter 143 of the Local Government code and has been in our contract since the first one in 1998.

Acevedo was the first chief to use the interview technique which he brought with him from Austin. We spoke with Chief Finner several times regarding the issues with the oral interviews and their effects on the morale of the department.  He met with us and agreed that not all cases should be oral interviews, and immediately changed the policy.

Now, oral interviews will be reserved for serious infractions that could be considered criminal, such as use of force or anything sexual in nature. This all being said, I believe it is im

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As the deadline looms, there are still no answers from the city

We have been working very hard on the latest “mandate” from the mayor.  The very first time we heard about the mayor wanting to have vaccine mandates was during a weekly City Council meeting when he stated that he was looking into all city employees get vaccinated.  We immediately began to research if this was legal, and what we could do to prevent it.  Our attorneys reached out to the Labor Relations Institute and found that there was case law and actual Supreme Court rulings on this, though the Supreme Court case was 1905.  I believed that there must be other case law out that would prevent this from taking place.  We do have constitutional rights, right?

I know we have all paid very close attention to the Methodist Employee case.  The ruling from the court was that they can

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Interested in being a leader?

Leadership is a word tossed around by many to label the head of an organization.  But what is a real leader?  Is it a chief of police, is it the commander at the station, or is it the hard worker on your shift?

There are plenty of supervisors out there who think they are “leaders.” But let’s be honest, not every supervisor is a leader.  You can teach anyone to be a supervisor, but you cannot teach leadership.

Can you teach aspects of leadership?  Certainly. But we must also understand that there are certain aspects of leadership that cannot be taught or learned from a book.  Leadership is a calling, a feeling, a burning from inside that makes you want to do what you do.

True leaders will find a way to make things work in the worst of situations and a way that makes ever

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