Are policewomen breaking the barriers inherent with the job?

Lisa Garmezy, Psych Services on 09.1.20

In December 2018, close to 100 women – and only women – gathered to summarize what is known about women in law enforcement and what we still need to know. The DOJ organized the research review and conference. A report, Women in Policing: Breaking Barriers and Blazing a Path, came out last year. The conclusionRead more

Houston Police Burial July 14 Trustee Meeting

Jay Gause, President of the Houston Police Burial Fund on 08.3.20

The Houston Police Burial Fund Board of Trustees met in regular session at the HPOU building on July 14, 2020. The meeting had originally been scheduled for May 7 but was postponed due to the Corona virus pandemic. The principle purpose of the meeting was to set the FY 2021 budget. The treasurer reported thatRead more

Free wills still available for HPD officers

Fulton Broemer, An Open Letter on 07.28.20

Houston Police Officers, We appreciate you. We support you. We love you.  Remember that, through the terrible noise of your angry detractors, the vast majority of the people of Houston are in your corner. We recognize that, currently, your job is more dangerous than ever.  Let our law firm help you and your families prepareRead more

DA candidate Huffman says Ogg puts campaign ahead of protecting Harris County and law enforcement officers

Tom Kennedy, Editor on 07.24.20

District Attorney Kim Ogg has lost sight of “justice for all” as she continues to pull “publicity stunts” that effectively cheapen the jobs of police officers who were in harm’s way during the George Floyd demonstrations. Mary Nan Huffman, Ogg’s Republican opponent in November and the HPOU’s endorsed candidate, made this position clear in anRead more

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The Presidents Message

Transformational Change: What does it look like?

I am hearing a lot about this new “transformational change” classes that is provided by way of the Being First group.  While I support anything that improves our department, let me be clear when I say this, no change will come to the rank and file without the command staff being direct, respectful, and transparent.  I respect most of the command staff and understand that running the department is a difficult one.  You must walk a tight rope, one that allows you to play politics with the community and still have the respect of the troops.  I truly believe that you can do both and be an effective leader.

When I speak with the membership the top three issues are morale, discipline, and manpower.  All three are tied together, as discipline and manpower are the two things that direc

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If you read nothing else….READ THIS!


As most of you know, the HPOU has tried to put a spotlight on the mental health of our department.  Joe Gamaldi started out first Peer Support program with HOPA (Houston Officers Peer Assistance). Tim Whitaker has taken over the program in the last few years.  The program has been working very well but we still have officers out there struggling.  I have personally worked with 6 officers over the last two years who are dealing with either mental health issues or alcoholism issues or other addictions.  The stressors of this job have obviously increased over the last few years with the civil unrest, the defund the police movement, the vilification of officers, and now the increased crime spikes and attacks on law enforcement.

With the stress of this job, we are seeing more

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The Contract and More….

As many of you have heard, the Council unanimously approved the Meet and Confer contract with the City of Houston and the Houston Police Officers’ Union.  This is very important to understand that in a time when heavy changes are coming to most police contracts, ours came away with very little regarding giving up rights after we informed the City that there were many misconceptions being spread by a few community activists.  Officers questioned the 180 day rule for date of discovery versus date of incident in termination cases.  This was an area that I had to rely on our attorneys for.  All four of our attorneys as well as the contract attorneys we use all said that it would not have any real impact on out membership.  San Antonio,

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HPOU contract the product of long hours of hard work; It’s now in the hands of City Council for its approval

After four long months of going back and forth with the city, we now have a contract.  I want to first thank all of those who made it out to vote.  I am sad to say that only 1,600 of our 5,100 members voted in the ratification of the contract.

This is not unusual as we only had 1,891 vote in the last contract election.  The contract did pass with a vote of 1,101 voting for and 510 voting against.

Many of you asked questions about why we do not have online voting for the contract.  There are several reasons for this, including the fact that it is a labor contract, and we must be certain no one is voting for another person.

Secondly, we want officers to attend informational meetings or meet with someone who negotiated the contract before voting to make sure the officer received

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New Year doesn’t have the start we wanted – the manpower shortage And discipline policies that directly relate to the morale of all of us

Members, I know that we have all had a long couple of weeks.  With Redbook closures, COVID, mandatory overtime, it is obviously not the start we wanted to a new year.

I don’t want to be a downer, but it appears that this may not end anytime soon.

Manpower and discipline are still the largest issues on the minds of our members. We work constantly to try to remedy the issues when they come into the office.  Some we can fix and some we can’t.

Manpower will not be fixed for years, as it is getting harder and harder to find qualified applicants.  We are continually working on the discipline issue and hope we get the department to understand that discipline is directly related to the morale of the department.

Until we fix these issues, we will continue to lose good officers.

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