Chelminski arrests aggravated robbery suspects after prompt Investigation, earns HPOU’s June Patrol Officer of the Month

The Union honored Sebastian Chelminski as Patrol Officer of the Month for his successful work in connection with his response to an attempted aggravated robbery. The presentation came in the HPOU’s June general membership meeting.

Officer Chelminski’s response found a complainant who had been pistol-whipped in the face by one suspect as a second suspect tried to steal the complainant’s truck.

The suspects were unable to steal the truck because of the fight the complainant put up. As the complainant continued the fight, the suspects shot at him multiple times. Thankfully, the complainant was not hit and the suspects fled in an unknown direction.

Officer Chelminksi quickly determined the suspects matched the description for two other aggravated robberies in the same area earlier in the day. Chelminksi continued to search the area and located the suspects nearby as they attempted to rob yet another victim.

The officer made contact with the suspects just as one of them was drawing his pistol from his waistband to rob another citizen. Chelminski saw one of the suspects toss his pistol and gave the suspects verbal commands and was able to take the suspects into custody, identify them in multiple robberies, recover property and money, locate the weapon, which was reported stolen in a previous HPD case, and discover narcotics on the suspects, one of whom was already out on bond for felony evading in Harris County.

HPOU’s Ryan Moreland with Officer Sebastian Chelminski