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The Presidents Message

Narcotics testing issues

Members, it has come to my attention that Narcotics evidence that is tagged to be tested is not being tested and many of our cases are being tossed out by the court for “no Probable Cause” because of no testing.  The back up currently on a rush test is at 6-8 weeks, with many cases going untested.  The HFSC has refused to test some narcotics because they claim that no request for testing has been made.

Apparently, officers must go into the LIMS system and request that narcotics be tested.  I am asking that all officers check your cases in which narcotics were recovered.  Just because you recover them and tag them to be tested does not mean that they will be tested.  In fact, nothing will be tested unless it is “requested”.  To prevent our officers from being a scapegoat it

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What a couple of months:

The staff of the HPOU have been very busy over the last few months.  March always seems to be busy with world’s largest Rodeo and all of the officers that work this event. Then we rolled right into the annual Assist the Officer Gala.  Once again, the gala was a huge success thanks to Tim Whitaker, Lisa Marino, Gabriella Gregory, and the rest of our HPOU staff.

If you have not attended an ATO Gala, you are missing out.  It is such a great time, and we get to honor those who exhibit the best of what the Houston Police Department represents. For those who have been please know that we are selling next years tickets at last years prices… just a shameless plug for a great event.

As we rolled into April we received the great news about our fight against proposition B. I am very prou

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