COH Open Enrollment


We’ve learned that COH Open Enrollment is slated to run March 11 through March 29 this year. Now is the time to start looking at your current insurance coverage, especially supplemental plans. Many people sign up for different plans throughout the years and end up carrying duplicate coverage with multiple companies.

First Responders Benefit Trust is the only HPOU-approved vendor for supplemental insurance. The FRBT plans are the most comprehensive plans available to the membership, and we have agents in-house to assist with enrollment and claims, making it a more seamless process for our members. FRBT can cover you and your family for:

-Accidental injuries

-Hospital stays: illness and injury

-Critical illnesses such as cancer, heart attack, and stroke

-Permanent life insurance that includes living benefits

If you would like to get a jump on the craziness that ensues during open enrollment, you may reach out to our agent, Yvonna Lex, at for more information on the policies described above. Yvonna can also help schedule open enrollment presentations for your unit or division.

For inquiries on the Houston Police Benefit Trust medical supplement, dental, or vision plans, please call 832-200-3410.

​Yvonna R. Lex

Senior Account Executive

​First Responders Benefit Trust

M: 832.421.0852

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