CTC Gunworks provides every officer’s gun need – at a low price

Josh Crescenzi gets right to the point when he talks business. His business is CTC Gunworks. And this is what he will tell you plainly and simply:

“For law enforcement, we are the exclusive distributor for Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas.”

This means you can purchase your pistol, rifle or semi-automatic at CTC at least 15 to 20 percent cheaper than any other gun store in the Greater Houston area – well, in all of Texas, for that matter.

CTC opened in 2020 when Crescenzi noticed the true lack of gun ranges designed for the needs of law enforcement agencies. He put together a facility that includes a 100-yard indoor shooting range which regularly attracts HPD officers and commissioned personnel from other LE agencies like sheriffs’ deputies and constables.

The whole operation doesn’t generally cater to the public and “Joe Smosh off the street.”

“That’s why we don’t advertise,” the gunworks owner pointed out.

If he did, you would also hear welcome news for officers:

“We probably have the largest supply of ammunition than any dealer in the state. You get it here at a cheaper price, too.”

In the realm of guns of all shapes and sizes, CTC is the exclusive distributor for:

  • Sig Sauer
  • SN America
  • CZ USA
  • Colt
  • Dan Wesson

“We’re the distributor,” Crescenzi emphasized.  “We do agency sales. A lot of people see these brands. We’re the only ones that do agency weapons.

“We’re the cheapest because we are the only ones getting them directly from the manufactures. We’re the manufacturer’s brand.”

Our story about the uniqueness of the CTC facility and the prices of its guns becomes even more significant when we tell you that the gunworks has donated an AR-15 to be auctioned or raffled at the upcoming Assist the Officer fundraiser. This event is for the surviving family of Officer Oleg Pavlov, who died in a domestic accident during the last Thanksgiving season.

The event is set for April 8 at the Breck Porter Building on the HPOU campus – donations can be made online at AssistTheOfficer.com.

Sgt. Jennifer McQueston of North Patrol is urging all of her fellow HPD officers to put that date on their calendar. It will be held starting at 11 a.m. in the Breck Porter Building, where barbecue will be served at $15 per ticket.

McQueston said that one of Pavlov’s three daughters was in the process of creating a drawing of retired HPD K9 Officer Winston. “This will be auctioned at the fundraiser and is expected to draw quite a bit of attention from those bidders in attendance,” the sergeant said.

Crescenzi said CTC’s main reason for being is to assist law enforcement officers with the equipment and facility they need to be better equipped and trained to do their job.

He found a central location near the intersection of Interstate 45 and Loop 610 North. It takes up “one city block” bounded by Link Road and Robert E. Lee.

He said staff members usually consist of retired members of local law enforcement agencies, especially HPD. “We provide a safe place where officers can train and practice,” the sole owner said. “We have an environment where there are no civilians so that LE can train and practice the way it does.”

Now this doesn’t mean all civilians. Crescenzi welcomes responsible citizens as well as the families of officers, retired officers and members of support groups such as the 100 Club of Greater Houston.

“I’m a sole owner but this is not about me. Honestly, we do everything to help out law enforcement. Our prices are so low. Our whole goal is to offer guns to LE at a price no one else does.

“Officers have an ability to get this stuff at a discounted rate by getting it at our location.”

And another point: CTC Gunworks will be the exclusive distributor for commemorative pistols in honor of the Texas Ranger Bicentennial to be celebrated in 2023. Crescenzi said the company will have available both the 1911 pistol and the custom P320 used by Rangers throughout the state, as well as a number of HPD officers.

News of the Ranger commemoration emerged March 2. Crescenzi said to stay tuned for more information about obtaining a commemorative pistol.

Meanwhile, he said, come by his range, do some shooting and check out the low-cost merchandise.