Detective Guerra acted immediately

Detective Guerra first started to investigate the suspect in 2019, the suspect is an adoptive father of 9 male children. In February 2023, Detective Guerra received a phone call from CPS in relation to some past cases of sexual abuse of a child that he had worked. The older cases were closed due to lack of cooperation from the possible victims. Detective Guerra learned that one of the adoptive children who was 17 years old made an outcry of sexual assault and physical abuse to a podcast.  The 17-year-old victim told CPS that he and his siblings had been enduring constant sexual abuse by the suspect, his adoptive father. Detective Guerra acted immediately and obtained 2 arrest warrants and a residential search warrant which were executed on February 10, 2023.

All the complainants under the age of 18 were taken into CPS custody and 6 of them completed forensic interviews. Each of the 6 victims disclosed sexual abuse, physical abuse, starvation, and many other disturbing facts in their time since adoption with the suspect. With additional forensic interviews completed, Detective Guerra filed 8 new charges against the suspect, making a total of 10 charges of Sexual Assault of a Child. Detective Guerra stood up for those that are most vulnerable, our children, and for that the union awards him Investigator of the Month.