Detective Ramos identified a serious threat

HPOU’s Seagler with Detective Ramos

In April, a 73-year-old victim was walking to her car when two suspects approached her, forcibly opened her door and demanded her handbag and money, all while threatening her with a knife. The suspects got into the complainant’s vehicle and had her download money transferring apps, create accounts, and attempted to transfer money through her Wells Fargo account. The complainant understandably had trouble failing to transfer money electronically, they then had her drive to two different Wells Fargo banks until she was able to withdraw $2000 dollars using google pay, which they had just set up in her name, using her phone and information.

Detective Ramos was assigned this case and quickly sprang into action. She was able to link these suspects to several cases with the same M.O. terrorizing and targeting elderly complaints at knife point forcing them to withdraw money. Due to extensive research through the complainant’s transactions, Detective Ramos was able to obtain four digits of a phone number from an unknown number. Detective Ramos was able to link that phone number to a suspect. The suspect was put in a photo array and was positively identified as the suspect. The suspect was arrested and charged Aggravated Kidnapping and Aggravated Robbery.

Detective Ramos identified a serious threat to the public’s welfare, took immediate action to address this incident by conducting a first-class investigation, furthering The Houston Police Department’s effort to create a safer environment for the citizens of Houston. Her hard work and diligence influence all detectives around her. No matter the mission assigned, she will do what it takes to get the job done. Therefore, she is recognized as the Detective of the Month.



Author Editorial Staff

Published May 8, 2023