Do your research and vote

HPOU elections will begin Thursday, October 7th at noon and run until Friday, October 22nd at noon.  I will take it that people do read my Badge and Gun articles as the last one about leadership and getting involved must have struck a chord with some.  In this election we have more contested seats than I have seen since 2008 when I first ran for a position.  I am excited to see the number of people engaged and wanting to be part of such a great organization.  This being said, I want each and every one of you to do your research.  This should not be a popularity contest!  Get to know those running and see what they stand for and what they want to do at your union.  I will be asking each person running to put a good phone number on their profile and any flyers that they put out so that people can call them and ask questions.

I also want those running and those voting to make sure that we keep this race to the facts and the areas that the union has the ability to change, pay and benefits.  None of those running should promise anything having to do with pensions as HPOPS is the only group that can bargain for those rights and privileges. We are also unable to bargain healthcare because it affects all three unions.

Again, do your research and vote.  Sadly, less than 20% of those who can vote actually take the time to do so.  Get the word out to everyone you know to go online and vote. The future of the organization should be important to all of us.