Donated kit car will help learn trade

Senior Police Officer Marin is the author of Silent Screams, an autobiographical account of his PTSD experiences at HPD. He is also the national director for First Responders, an arm of the Birdwell Foundation, which created Camp Valor’s recovery program for PTSD victims.

“Street legal’ kit car known as a Bradley

We have some great friends on the Thin Blue Line. One of them is a retired mechanically-inclined Fort Worth police officer. Her name is Autumn “Leah” Wheat.

We will never forget Leah, for she donated a “kit car” she once assembled to Camp Valor. The campers there, who are recovering from PTSD, will use it to learn a new trade – either repairing or installing an engine or repairing a fiberglass body.

Leah also is a member of the Thin Blue Line motorcycle club, the largest law enforcement club in the nation and a great supporter of Camp Valor, which now serves 14 recovering victims of PTSD.

The automobile is a Bradley Leah assembled from a kit. It has no VIN but is “street legal.” It ad to be since I drove it from Fort Worth to Conroe. I had a co-pilot, Mike Davila, the camp director of Camp Valor. The car looks like a Corvette and has doors that open like a Delorean. It currently has a Volvo engine and chassis. One of the camp directors has a Corvette engine in his garage. He wants to put the engine in this car.

This will become a project for the guys at the camp.

Jeep drawing is set for Dec. 4!

Leah donates a lot to the camp. She bought $400 worth of raffle tickets in our Hometown Heroes Fun Run last spring. She didn’t win. But she doesn’t give up. She also bought raffle tickets for the amphibious Jeep that will be given to the raffle winner on Dec. 4. This vehicle operates in and out of the water and goes 10 miles per hour in the water. You can use it to fish in ponds or small lakes.

Contact me for your raffle tickets. They go for $10 a pop.

We will do the drawing in Florida at another of our Hometown Heroes events. I will be steaming the drawing live on social media.