Driving School Instructor Investigation

HPOU’s Lam with King

In October 2023, Detective King was assigned a case where a 17 YOA complainant alleged that her driving school instructor sexually assaulted her during her driving lesson. After extensive research and interviewing the complainant Detective King believed the suspect had used his title and authority to take advantage of other young vulnerable victims. Detective King held a press conference, where he urged other victims to come forward and make a report, which lead to multiple calls with similar experiences from inappropriate touching, grooming of the victims and sexual assault. Upon further investigation Detective King found that the suspect had been actively taking advantage of young victims as far back as 2013. Through Detective King’s dedication and thorough work HPD was able to bring justice to victims of a true predator who has been charged and arrested on Sexual Assault and with multiple charges pending.





Published February 5, 2024

Author Editorial Staff