Erika Camacho and Rene Delgado honored as Officers of the Month

HPOU’s Doug Griffith with Officers Erika Camacho & Rene Delgado

Officers Erika Camacho and Rene Delgado earned HPOU Officers of the Month honors for their work responding to an early-morning Jan. 11 aggravated carjacking in the 7800 block of the South Sam Houston Parkway.

The two officers got the call about 12:45 a.m. with the dispatcher instructing them that the suspect in the Robbery in Progress used a firearm in the carjacking and fled the scene in the stolen vehicle.

As the officers travelled to the area of the crime, they learned from Sgt. M. Mendez that the stolen Mercedes sedan was traveling northbound in the 9700 block of Telephone Road at a high rate of speed. Sgt. Mendez lost sight of the suspect vehicle as the Mercedes sedan turned eastbound on Airport Boulevard.

Camacho and Delgado were traveling along Airport as they approached the Telephone Road intersection when they learned of the last known direction of travel of the suspect vehicle.

Officer Delgado proceeded to drive eastbound on Airport the two officers observed the suspect vehicle stopped in the 7700 block. Delgado positioned his patrol vehicle immediately behind the suspect vehicle and prepared to set up for a felony traffic stop. The suspect vehicle’s front driver side door opened, and the suspect exited the driver’s seat.

The suspect stood and faced the patrol vehicle before raising his right arm to fire two shots from his semi-automatic pistol at Delgado.

Camacho saw the shots and immediately responded fired a round at the suspect, striking him in the lower back. Camacho and Delgado approached the suspect as he lay on the floor and secured the weapon prior to rendering aid.

Officers maintained pressure to the gunshot wound until paramedics arrived and transported him to Ben Taub General Hospital.

Officer Camacho displayed a high level of professionalism during the hostile engagement by not only reacting swiftly and effectively to stop the deadly threat, but by maintaining the high standards expected of officers in law enforcement to preserve the life of the suspect after the threat was neutralized.

The judicious actions taken by Officers Camacho set the standard for many officers in the future of the Houston Police Department. Her bravery and discipline resulted in the arrest of a violent suspect and administered first-response medical treatment for him.