Fighting the good fight, just not in public.

I have been the president for almost two years now and often hear people complain that the Union doesn’t fight for the membership.  One member even stated that we are not “militant” enough.

We fight for our members daily, but I can understand why some would believe otherwise, because I fight most battles behind closed doors.  I do not feel that it benefits the organization, or the membership to battle in the public eye.

Don’t get me wrong, there are times when we are pushed to the point that we have to take it public.  This was evident during the press conference we held for the Northeast officers and Sergeant, that Acevedo wrongfully fired.  We made that a very public fight, even to the point that I was called into Acevedo’s office over my comments about his missing PR24. Those who were in the room will tell you that it got extremely heated.

I have recently had some fights with the current administration over issues that we disagree on.

I have sat in the Chief’s office and had several “discussions” over different issues.  This included my last email about why officers distrust the department and the traffic stop issues.

The Chief understands that I have a job to do and that we will not always agree but felt that the email was unfair. I do my best to be respectful of the rank and I do respect him, as I believe that he truly cares about this department and the officers.

But there are times when we will vehemently disagree. He has a job to do and so do I.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not shy about calling out people who need it. I am currently under IAD investigation for such an incident that I cannot discuss until after the investigation is complete.

I recently had a very intense discussion with the mayor over an interview that I conducted with ABC 13.

I had to explain to him that I will never lie to the public and when asked I will give my own opinion.  Again, this is not a public fight, but a fight just the same.

I have also watched Ray, Tim, and Ken go at it with different people as we deal with members issues. I believe that this is why we have been so successful as an organization, we keep our battles out of the public when possible.

You may not always see it, but there are plenty of battles that take place behind the scenes.  If anyone ever has questions regarding the issues that we fight, they are welcome to call any of the board members or better, call me, Ray, Ken, Tim, Terry, or Dan.