FRBT Accident Plan helps mitigate financial uncertainty

Officer John Daily revisits his HPD Chevrolet Tahoe.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a crystal ball, so that nothing unexpected could take us by surprise?  Life is unpredictable, particularly in our line of work. Every day brings uncertainty, especially as we maneuver through the hostile environment the media has helped to create. If you were injured and could not work, would extra cash paid directly to you help? Of course, it would.   Health insurance pays the doctors or hospitals when we need treatment, but it does not cover all the out of pocket expenditures that inevitably arise. What if there were insurance that would pay you when something bad happens? The Accident Champion from First Responders Benefit Trust does just that.

The Accident Champion pays you for injury-related medical treatment. Benefits include payment for nearly 50 potential losses, including: ambulance transport, ER visits, hospitalization, MRIs, surgery, fractures and lacerations, follow-up treatment, and even short-term disability that covers you both on and off the job. Benefits are not dependent on your out of pocket cost, so if you experience an IOD and all costs for treatment are paid by Workers’ Comp, your supplemental plan still pays you. No waiting period means you are covered from the moment we receive your completed application.

Officer John Daily recounts his experience with FRBT:

 “On Christmas Eve 2018, my partner and I were involved in a severe car crash. Our patrol car rolled several times and caught fire, and I was trapped inside the vehicle. Due to the severity of my injuries, doctors put me into a medically induced coma for 3 months. I underwent 42 surgeries and I had to re-learn how to eat and walk. I will deal with the resulting skin issues for the rest of my life.

I had signed up for the FRBT Accident Champion policy just three days prior to the accident. FRBT absolutely took care of me. I wasn’t even awake to request their assistance; I later learned that agents reached out to my father and visited the hospital the next day to start my claim. Within a couple of days of being provided with my medical records, agents delivered a check for more than $55,000 to my family. The help didn’t stop there: I was out of work for more than a year, and Ms. Lex kept in contact with my family and me to ensure I received every penny that I was owed by the company. In total, this policy paid me more than $75,000. There is no doubt that the money I was paid assisted in my recovery. This coverage is not just smart, it’s essential for all members of law enforcement. You never know what is going to happen.”

For questions or to enroll, please contact FRBT Sales Leader Yvonna Lex: or 832.421.0852.

We also offer plans that pay benefits for hospitalization and critical illness, as well as a specialized life policy. You may view details of each of these plans here: