From splash pads to the base paths, HPOU’s Family Night

The HPOU Baseball Family Fun Night at the Sugar Land ballpark brought out a whole “constellation” full of Union members and their families for not just baseball but swimming, hotdogs, and a whole evening of family fun.

HPOU understands family time is important and the benefits of spending time together. Constellation Field proved to be the perfect place for the chill-out with family and friends. This cool event took place Thursday evening, July 14.

“And that’s exactly what took place,” event coordinator Rhonda Williams said. “HPOU provided 300 tickets and meals (hotdog, chips and drink) for members and their families.”

“The joy and excitement you could see on the kids’ face were priceless as they entered the stadium wearing their baseball gloves in hopes of catching and keeping a game ball.”

There were other events besides watching America’s favorite pastime. Many of the kids were dressed in their swimsuit, carrying their towels ready for the pool, splash pads and water activities. The sight brought big smiles on the parents’ faces.

Many lost track of the fact that the Space Cowboys, the evening’s host team, could keep their heads above water on the baseball field. (They lost the game.)

“Whether you were a baseball fan or not, the event provided an opportunity for our families to come together in love and to value precious time together,” Sgt. Williams said.

“Some of our members enjoyed the experience of watching every moment of the game, others simply enjoyed laughing and kicking it with family and friends, whereas the hotdogs, pool and splash pads were the biggest home run of the night for the kids.”

Williams, an HPOU Board member, lost track of the large number of hotdogs consumed by the crew of kids of all ages in this group.

“HPOU members, I thank you for coming out,” Williams said. “HPOU’s next Family Fun Night is coming soon!”