Get the word one more time: Get out there, support our worthy candidates but, by all means, VOTE!

I feel like I write this article every year, and every year it becomes more and more important that you get out to vote.

In case you have been living under a rock, we are living in very tumultuous times, especially if you are a police officer. Now more than ever it is your DUTY as a police officer to not only vote, but make sure that you educate your friends, family, co-workers, fellow church goers and anyone else you know on the issues important to us and who to vote for.

Then you need to follow up with folks to make sure they vote. You may need to give them a ride, you may need to take them with you. Be sure to go the extra mile because every vote counts in this election. One seat lost, flipped, one race won or lost can make all the difference in protection of our rights as police officers and whether or not we have a DA’s office that continues to maliciously prosecute police officers.

By now I am certain you are wondering where you can find a comprehensive list of local candidates we have endorsed. You can visit and on our homepage is the list of candidates that the HPOU PAC has endorsed. You can print out that list and share it with your friends and family. If you are feeling particularly helpful, you can agree to volunteer on campaigns, working phone banks and polling locations.

I think it is of no surprise to anyone that the most important race impacting us here locally is the race for district attorney.

Ogg has been an absolute trainwreck for police officers and our community. The murder rate in Houston is up over 35 percent and violent crime is up double digits, driven by the sweetheart deals Ogg continues to cut for violent repeat offenders.

If that weren’t bad enough, she has engaged in malicious prosecution of police officers and will continue to do so if reelected. We at the HPOU have backed a wonderful, qualified candidate for months, one who will return the rule of law to Harris County: Mary Nan Huffman.

I am encouraging you all to please assist her campaign in whatever capacity you can. This can be a donation, volunteering to work polls, working phone banks, etc. There is no shortage of ways you can assist. You can find more information at her website and volunteer page on Facebook:

The way we win this campaign is by simply out-working her unqualified opponent and making sure enough people in our community know just how bad Ogg has been. Not just toward police officers but our community as whole. This is not partisan, this is not politics, it is public safety.

Thomas Jefferson once said, “The government you elect is the government you deserve.” Well, that doesn’t just apply to our community, it applies to us. If we don’t put in the work, if we don’t talk to our friends and family about voting and who to vote for, well then, we get the DA and the government we deserve.

There are plenty of you who will do absolutely nothing, may not even vote, but will certainly complain – probably on Facebook – when the results aren’t what you want. I am asking you now to commit yourselves to making a difference and helping us win this election. It is within our power to effect a change if you want to, but if we sit on the sidelines and don’t participate, we know exactly what the future holds for us.

Please get out there and help. Or, when it’s all said and done keep the complaints to yourself…

As always, be safe out there.