Giving thanks and being thankful for these great people and businesses

IN A NATION THAT IS BECOMING KNOWN for its division, we have proof of rock-solid law enforcement subcultures dedicated to buoyant unity for the cause at hand.

In this season between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we offer two great examples of unsung organizations dedicated to helping police officers in great time of need. First, we have Honor Bands, headed by a retired police officer in California, which manufactured each of the badge covers over HPD shields four times in the past year. The Badge & Gun offers details of the tireless effort of retired police Corporal Laura Tartaglione in a story this issue. Tartaglione supplied HPOU with the honor badges for prompt distribution for the memorial services of our four fallen brothers. She even paid the shipping costs (for which the Union provided reimbursement).

But Tartaglione’s name is not the only one we want to list here for kudos in this season of giving thanks and being thankful for generous, unselfish people, organizations, and businesses.

Traditionally, HPOU provides a luncheon for the family and close friends and relatives of officers killed in the line of duty. As you know, the last two line-of-duty deaths happened within a three-week period. This didn’t deter the thoughtful work of an organization known as the FBI National Citizens Academy Alumni Association. Like Tartaglione, the FBINCAAA monitors the “officer down” network and seeks to assist police departments and police unions like HPOU as needed.

The group headed by its executive director; retired Air Force Col. Sandy Mangold sprang into action upon hearing of the tragic shooting of Sgt. Harold Preston. With the military precision he practiced in a career that included service at the Johnson Space Center, Col. Mangold quickly ascertained from HPOU’s Tom Hayes what the Preston family needed the most after their plans for a memorial service. The answer: Food and drinks for the luncheon came the reply. Working with the current and immediate past Houston alumni association presidents, Andrew Schmidt and Hafeez Rangwala, respectively, Mangold and his group succeeded in rallying a number of local restaurants along with a stalwart partner, Pepsi Cola, to provide the luncheon needs.

All the food and drinks were donated! How thankful we are for support like this for Houston police officers and their families!

When the sad news of the death of Sgt. Sean Rios radiated across the nation, Mangold and Rangwala tapped the usual sources. And they included:

  • Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company and Katie Barret
  • Dozier’s BBQ and Jim Buchanan
  • McDonald’s Atascocita and Todd Grafmiller
  • Ron’s Home Style Foods and Steve Woodwall
  • Tin Roof BBQ and Ronald Webber
  • Ben E. Keith Foods and Tommie Warren
  • Corkscrew BBQ and Will Buckman
  • To-Go Packaging and Joe Nassar
  • Tejas Chocolate & BBQ and Scott Moore Jr.
  • 44 Farms and Jason Schimmel
  • HEB Houston Division Public Affairs and Lacey Dalcour
  • Pepsi Beverages Company and Brittany Garcia

The Houston Police Officers Union exercises giving thanks to all the people and businesses named herein as well as the countless others like you who provide unqualified support for Houston police officers.

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