Gryder Tournament a great success, raises $5,000

Amanda Day & Tim Whitaker with the Pavlov & Gryder Families

I want to take this opportunity to thank literally everyone that helped make this year a success. We’re going on five years strong and already planning for next year!

This year we raised $5,000 to the family of Officer Oleg Pavlov.

Debbie, Sam, and Austin Gryder – I cannot even begin to thank you enough for all your help – y’all are amazing. From T-shirts, plaques, to cookies and donuts (and Sunny D!), to bracket tape – y’all took care of all the little things that made this year so special.

Olivia and Chase – thank you for being you and always being there for that moral support! Not to mention manning the donuts and 50/50 table.

Jay Guerra – Couldn’t have done this without my Tournament Co-director!

Mariah Carson – “Official Tournament Photographer” doesn’t even begin to cover what you did this year – thank you for literally everything!

Tim Whitaker –  thank you for literally bringing opening ceremonies together and for always being the guy…when I need something I just call my guy Tim!

Houston Police Officers Union- thank you for your continued financial support – none of this would be possible without you.

Assist the Officer- thank you for your continued support with helping us assist our blue families in need.

Houston Hustle Police Softball – thank you for all your had worked in helping to host this tournament!

Most importantly, thank y’all for making sure we recovered all those softballs.

In Memory of Gary Gryder

Laura Servise – Thank you to you and your team of officers/supervisors for being there for the Pavlov’s and literally getting them to the event, and so much more. Also for standing guard for Gary. I don’t know everyone’s name but I’m grateful to all of you.

To David Morales and BioTechs Crime & Trauma Scene Cleaning South Houston – Thank you for continuing to support this event every year. You sponsored a team, AND held a raffle, the proceeds of which went into the funds we were able to raise for the Pavlov family. Absolutely outstanding.

Chief Larry Satterwhite – Thank you for attending our opening ceremonies, and speaking at the event. It meant so much to us and we are honored you were with us.

HPD Honor Guard/HPD Mounted Patrol/HPD Blues/HPD Chaplain – THANK YOU for your continued support in making opening ceremonies special. This event would not be near as wonderful without your talents and service.

Every year we invite the families of our fallen to participate in this event. Thank you to the daughter of Sergeant Rios for assisting in handing out awards, and to the daughter of Officer Pavlov for throwing the ceremonial pitch. And to Officer Ryan Meyers for catching the ceremonial pitch.

To all our participating teams – thank you for continuously supporting this tournament every year – we hope to see you back next year!

To the Pavlov family – thank you for being with us! I hope you know that we are a family that will always be here for you.

If I’ve forgotten to mention anyone, I’m so sorry. My brain is still in rest mode, but know that if you were a part of this tournament, then I am forever grateful to you. We were able to raise $5,000 for the Pavlov family – the most this tournament has ever raised before, and for that I’m grateful.

The Gryder Tournament winners – The Houston Heat!