HOPA’s response to two unexpected HPD family tragedies

In the words of one HPOU leader, “This is a good story about people working together to make a bad thing good.”

First, we must tell you about the bad things that happened.

This past March, retired Robbery Sgt. Jon Golemon died of the proverbial “widow maker” in the presence of his two young daughters.

Sgt. Golemon left behind his wife and those two daughters.

“Sgt. Golemon’s wife requested no flowers or gifts but only donations to be made to Houston Officers Peer Assistance (HOPA),” HPOU 2nd Vice President Tim Whitaker told the Badge & Gun.

“Mrs. Golemon wanted the donations to be used for children of first responders who had experienced trauma,” said Whitaker, the president of HOPA.

Whitaker knew this was a giant task since he knew the sergeant and his wife.

“HOPA took in several hundred dollars from donors all over the country in Sgt. Jon Golemon’s name.”

Then came other heart-breaking news.

In the week of this past Thanksgiving, another traumatic event unfurled involving a Houston police officer and his young family.

Officer Oleg Pavlov was working in his attic when he fell through the ceiling and passed away from his head injuries. Pavlov had only been a Houston officer for two years and he left behind a wife and three young children.

The HPD family sticks together after traumatic events such as these.

Almost immediately Whitaker asked Mrs. Golemon her thoughts about using the Golemon donations to help the Pavlov family.

“That’s the perfect way to use the money!” she replied. “You don’t even have to ask. You and I both know that’s exactly what Jon would have wanted.

“The pain Officer Pavlov’s family is enduring is absolutely unimaginable. I know firsthand what they are going through. Losing the love of your life and daddy to your children unexpectedly is by far the most difficult trauma a wife can go through.”

Whitaker said that after the holidays – probably by the time B&G readers take in this story – three accounts will be set up for the Pavlov family at the HPFCU.

“HOPA will donate the initial funds into accounts for each of the three Pavlov children,” Whitaker explained. “The account numbers will be published for officers, family and friends to donate money to the accounts throughout the coming years.

Whitaker was overwhelmed with the ability to not only use HOPA to help officers and their families but now HOPA will be helping with the financial future of an officer’s  children.

Whitaker emphasized:

“Jon Golemon and Oleg Pavlov, you will not be forgotten and neither will your children.”