HPOU Board of Directors 2022 Election


As many of you know, the HPOU elections start today at Noon and will run until October the 21st at Noon. I am asking that each of you take the time to get to know the individuals running for Union positions. I am excited to see so much interest in making this organization the best that it can be. We are starting to see a younger crowd show interest in being a part of what is going on at the HPOU. On average, we only have about a 25% participation rate in voting. We must all remember that we are voting for the leadership of the Majority Bargaining Agent of the largest police department in the state.

Those whom YOU elect to the board will be responsible for the future of this organization and the department. There will always be those who stand on the outside and complain, but these individuals want to get involved and make a difference, and that makes me proud. We believe that we are the best labor union in the state. I recently attended the “Big 50” which is a conference with the 50 largest labor organization in the nation. We are seen as a model to many of the organizations at the conference, not only for our contracts, but for our community engagement. This directly related to the prior Leadership groups that have run this organization. My goal is to not screw that up and leave the organization in good hands. Those on the board will be important to the future of the organization, so please take the time to research each of those running and vote accordingly. 

Also on the ballet is the updated and revised constitution. It will help bring the constitution up to date with the Fraternal Order of Police requirements and modify the dues’ structure to keep them low. Please read over the constitution which you can find on the website and vote accordingly. 

Thank you,

Douglas Griffith

President, HPOU