HPOU cites Patrol Officers of the Month Sallee and McMurtry

The HPOU named Officers Jarid Sallee and Matt McMurtry as it’s Patrol Officers of the Month in the June general membership meeting.

Officers Jarid Sallee and Matt McMurtry conducted a traffic stop on May 4th as part of an ongoing narcotics investigation.

After the driver refused to provide ID, the officers requested that he exit the vehicle. As he took off his seatbelt, the suspect pulled a pistol out of his waistband and immediately began shooting at Officers Sallee and McMurtry.

Officer Sallee was struck twice, in the hip and chest, but stayed in the fight and continued returning fire at the suspect.

Officer McMurtry also began returning fire. The suspect was struck several times and went down. Officer Sallee was transported to the hospital and is currently recovering.

The suspect was charged at the state and federal level. Over 120 grams of methamphetamines, along with three firearms were in his vehicle.