HPOU Investigators of the Month are Ragsdale and Graf

HPOU’s Ryan Moreland with Detective Andrew Graf

During the early morning hours of last March 13, Northeast Patrol units were dispatched to a Code 2 Shooting/Just Occurred at 7300 Schuller Road.

The only evidence at the scene were three spent casings, bags of clothes and a puddle of blood next to a wooden fence.

Two witnesses said they heard several people in an argument that resulted in two gunshots being fired. Following the gunshots, they observed two suspects looking at a body lying motionless on the ground.  After about 10 to 20 minutes, the body was loaded into a white Ford pickup truck by two male suspects.

Patrol contacted the Major Assault Unit – Nightshift hold desk and Detective Sean Ragsdale and Investigator Andrew Graf responded to the callout to the scene. The two suspects returned to 7300 Schuller Road, where patrol officers detained them. Investigators then arrived to interview the witnesses. They also reviewed video footage from a nearby gas station that showed one of the suspects cleaning out the bed of the truck and disposing of clothing.

Investigators, CSU and patrol processed the scene and the two suspects were transported to 1200 Travis to be interviewed.

One of the suspects admitted to disposing of the body after his sister shot the victim, who was a friend of his. The second suspect was the boyfriend of the alleged shooter. This suspect placed himself at the scene and being inside the white pickup truck.

One of the suspects was placed in an unmarked vehicle to assist investigators with locating the body, but the suspect was unsure of the exact location and the body was not located. The two male suspects were arrested and charged with Tampering with Evidence – Human Corpse.

The body was located around 8 p.m. of the same day by Southeast Patrol units responding to a call for service in the 9500 block of Carson Road. The victim’s body was found face down in a ditch.

The Medical Examiner’s Office identified the victim in this case.  The Harris County District Attorney’s Office was contacted regarding the female suspect and a murder warrant was filed.

Investigators contacted CRU and the suspect was taken into custody on March 27. The female suspect was interviewed and admitted to shooting the victim and helping the two male suspects dispose of the body. Additionally, the ATF e-trace report for the .45 caliber Hi-point pistol recovered from the white Ford pickup showed the female suspect as the purchaser of the firearm.

All three of the suspects in this case have been arrested and charged. Furthermore, all three suspects were read their statutory warnings and confessed to their parts in this murder incident.

The investigators, Ragsdale and Graf, also obtained multiple search warrants for the white pickup, cell phone and DNA evidence as part of their award-winning effort.