HPOU names Adan Ayala Patrol Officer of the Month

The Houston Police Officers’ Union will be presenting Officer Adan Ayala its Patrol Officer of the Month honor for August at the September general membership meeting for the officer’s actions to save the life of an infant.

This happened on July 17 as Ayala and his Southeast Patrol partner were on patrol in the Broadway Square corridor.

As the officers began patrolling their area, they initiated their first call of the day, a traffic stop. While speaking with the violator, the officers were approached by a female Hispanic mother, who was in a panic as she held what appeared to be her lifeless child.

Officer Ayala immediately and calmly approached the frantic and scared mother, who informed Ayala in Spanish that her infant was experiencing fevers due to teething. She said she was in the process of bathing him when he stopped breathing and turned a pale blue color.

The child was limp, flaccid and clearly in respiratory distress.

Officer Ayala, calm and methodical, allowed the mother to hold her infant and proceeded to place his finger in the infant’s mouth, moving his tongue to the side to clear the obstructed airway.

The child immediately began to move and regained consciousness. It was apparent to Ayala that the infant was continuing to convulse; therefore, to preserve life, he continued to use his index finger to rake the infant’s tongue from obstructing his airway and keep his jaw open.

The officer made the necessary request for the Houston Fire Department to make the scene to assess the infant. While waiting for them to arrive, Ayala continued to monitor the infant and kept his mother calm.

Paramedics arrived and conducted a full medical assessment of the infant. At the conclusion of their assessment, they determined that the infant should be transported to a hospital for further treatment.

The infant and his mother were very fortunate that Officer Ayala’s astute thinking and his altruistic actions for his genuine caring of a fellow human being and his unrelenting commitment to the protection of every individual in our community, the infant’s life was saved.