HPOU names Jordan Patton Patrol Officer of the Month

Officer Patton with Moreland

The Union selected Officer Jordan Patton as its December Patrol Officer of the Month in its general membership meeting on Dec. 2.

On Sept. 5, Officer Patton, while patrolling Bissonnet Street, observed complainant KR, walking along the sidewalk wearing a tight mini dress which revealed her breasts – a violation of the City of Houston Municipal Ordinances.

Upon detaining and identifying the female she began to cry and made an outcry that she was a victim of sex trafficking.

During the outcry, the complainant told Officer Patton that the suspect was forcing her to prostitute. The complainant further told Patton that she was being forced to have sex with at least 20 men a day in order to make at least $2,000.

Furthermore, during the interview, the complainant told Patton that on Sept. 3 the suspect beat and pepper sprayed her while inside a bathtub. This was done, according to the suspect, to discipline her because she was complaining about her feet hurting from walking the streets in high heel shoes.

The complainant further claimed that she was struck by a truck while walking along Bissonnet and she suffered road rash to her legs and arms. The complainant was in pain and begged suspect to take her to the hospital, but he refused and instead forced her to keep working. The woman claimed that the suspect also would force her to have sex with him.

Once the complainant finished giving her statement, Officer Patton, took her to HCA Houston Healthcare West to seek medical treatment and complete SANE exam. Patton also made contact with a counselor who worked with Unbound Houston, an NGO that specializes in victim advocacy involving human sex trafficking. They were able to get the complainant back home to Arkansas where she is staying with her aunt.

This suspect likely would have continued to harm more victims, had it not been for the outstanding investigation and the committed dedication that Officer Patton gave to this investigation.

Patton first recognized that the complainant was in distress and may have been a trafficking victim, he treated her with the utmost professionalism and respect.

Due to his awareness and attention to duty, this dangerous criminal, who had been victimizing, trafficking, and promoting prostitution, has been charged and will face justice in a court of law.