HPOU not just glazing over June 3 National Donut Day

No law enforcement personnel in the nation celebrates National Donut Day like Houston police officers.

Due to COVID, the HPOU has not been able to adequately celebrate their favorite holiday for the past few years!  But, luckily for 2022, the HPOU will be furnishing officers with donuts by the dozen again on Friday, June 3 to celebrate the delicious, scrumptious coffee mate in America and the rest of the dunking world.

Police officers everywhere, especially Houston, Texas, love their donuts and – on this special Friday of the year – will take great pleasure in serving them to the citizens of the city they preserve and protect. The venue, as usual, will be the steps of City Hall – visit facebook.com/HPOUTX for real time updates.

This is a well-established HPOU tradition performed in the true community spirit, albeit a sugar-coated one.

At the last event, 1300 donuts were gone in 30 minutes! Make sure to stop by early!