HPOU presents Detective Everett with Investigator of Month honor

The Union named Detective Heather Everett as the Investigator of the Month in the May general membership meeting.

Det. Everett was assigned an aggravated robbery in which two suspects entered the KFC on Memorial Drive on Jan. 31. The suspect with the gun was the lead suspect demanding money and ultimately placing the employees inside the restaurant’s refrigerator.

Everett learned that the second suspect used the manager’s full name, and the suspect vehicle was a silver Infiniti. Everett developed a former employee as the person who committed the robbery, matching the surveillance photos of the suspect vehicle to flock cameras.

Everett learned that the suspect had struck again at a Taco Bell on Feb. 18, shooting the complainant in the abdomen during the robbery. Everett obtained a phone number for the suspect, placing him at both locations.

Furthermore, Everett compared the still images of the suspect vehicle and found they matched to the first incident and the registered owner. The suspect was arrested on Aggravated Robbery charges through the state.

Everett was monitoring jail calls as she often does. This particular suspect was the subject of two cases assigned to Everett. At the conclusion of the arrest, a consent to search at the subject’s residence resulted in the recovery of a gun. The gun was a 9mm Taurus G3C.

In viewing images of the gun, the detective found it to be a two-tone 9mm semi-automatic pistol with a silver ejection port. This is the same weapon clearly visible on surveillance video. The video shows this gun was used to shoot a complainant in the abdomen before the suspect took off with the contents of the Taco Bell cash register.

This suspect was interviewed and denied everything. He was initially booked into JPC on a state Agg. Robbery charge on Feb. 24. Everett discussed the cases with the United States Attorney’s Office, which accepted a complaint for two counts of 1951a and two counts of 924c (ii) & (iii).

Det. Everett, whose job is never done, observed the federal hold posted on Feb. 28. Everett immediately heard a jail phone call following the hold between this suspect and his girlfriend. He instructed the woman to “take the cat litter out.”

“That cat litter has to be stinking by now, you know what I mean,” he told her, “I don’t want the Amir near the cat litter. Go take that cat litter out to the dumpster.”

The woman agreed and stated she would as soon as she put the baby down. Det. Everett took the conversation to mean that the gun used to shoot the complainant was buried in the cat litter.

The detective returned to couple’s apartment complex and sifted through two industrial size dumpsters. Everett recovered the weapon, a Taurus 9mm model G3C in used cat litter. This weapon NIBIN’d back to the Taco Bell shooting.

Once the weapon was recovered. Everett talked to the woman involved, who acknowledged that she got rid of the gun, that she knew the gun was part of a crime and that she should have called officers once she had this conversation with the jailed suspect.

Det. Everett did a fantastic job getting an escalating violent criminal off the streets with federal charges. He will remain in custody pending trial.