HPOU selects Reid and Barker Investigators of the Month

HPOU’s Moreland and Sgt. Cardenas present award to Officers Reid and Barker

The Houston Police Officers Union named Officers Shawn Reid and Adam Barker as the Investigators of the Month in the Oct. 7 general membership meeting.

The investigation that resulted in this recognition began Jan. 24 when the two were assigned to deal with a Street Takeover Mob gathered at the intersection of Enclave Parkway and Forkland Drive on the west side.

The mob actively blocked the roadway and proceeded to conduct vehicular donuts in the middle of the intersection, rendering the intersection impassable for vehicular traffic.

The complainants in this case were unaware of what was happening when they haphazardly arrived at the intersection on their way home. The complainants eventually realized what was occurring but were immediately surrounded by an angry mob, which prevented them from leaving the location.

As they made this attempt, one of the complainants pulled out her cellphone to call 911. Members of the mob saw her phone, so they began to physically strike the cars’ exterior, causing damage to the windshield and the car itself.

The complainants were able to flee the scene and call the police. As they were assessing the damage, they discovered two bullet holes in the rear panel of the vehicle. The bullet holes were not there prior to the incident and it was determined that someone had shot at them back at the scene.

A video of the incident was later posted on social media and it was discovered that someone had indeed shot at the complainants as they were fleeing the location. The video clearly depicts a male shooting at the fleeing car.

Investigator Barker and Officer Reid were able to successfully identify the shooting suspect within the video. Moreover, as a result, they found that the suspect’s Instagram account also implicated him. The suspect was later apprehended on a traffic violation and booked on unrelated charges.

While in custody, the details and evidence pertaining to this case were presented to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, which accepted two counts of Aggravated Assault charges on the suspect.

These officers worked collaboratively as an efficient and effective team while exhibiting dedication, wit, professionalism and zeal in the performance of their duties.

Furthermore, the goals and mission of the Houston Police Department were exemplified through the adept actions of the officers.