HPOU Treats Members to Houston Ballet Nutcracker

As a token of appreciation to the members of the Houston Police Officer’s Union (HPOU), HPOU generously donated 50 tickets for members to attend the Houston Ballet Nutcracker on December 8, 2023. The attending members arrived dressed in their formal attire ready to enjoy an evening at the ballet. Members were met with signs welcoming HPOU to the event that were displayed by the escalators. A small private space was provided for HPOU members in the Cullen Alcove before and after the ballet. HPOU members also received 20% off all merchandise at the Houston Ballet Boutique. HPOU members were treated to a bottle of champagne and were completely spoiled with a special night out. The members that went to this event verbally expressed their sincere gratitude and shared how much they enjoyed the production and some even wrote notes of appreciation.

Sergeant Jose Sanchez stated “My wife and I had an awesome time at the ballet. It was a great way to start the Holiday Season at such an amazing event”. “Thank you HPOU for always thinking of HPOU members and putting us first”. He continued to praise the HPOU for all their great events in 2023 and he was looking forward to the events in 2024.

Police Officer Brian Chen wrote an email stating that he took his mother to the Nutcracker with the tickets from HPOU and how much they both appreciated it. He thanked HPOU for making this a “memorable holiday season” for the both of them.

Senior Police Officer Treva Mott expressed how seamless the night was from arrival, during, and after the show. She acknowledged it was a “FANTASTIC performance”.

The HPOU was delighted with the positive response from the members and will continue looking for more opportunities to provide members with other special events in the future. As always, the HPOU is grateful to its members and strives to provide the best services possible.

Published February 5, 2024

Author Shannon Barker, Editor