HPOU works with the Credit Union for Pavlov Family

Sgt. Zachau & the Pavlov Family

HPOU has worked with the Houston Police Federal Credit Union to open a special account for donations benefitting the surviving family of Officer Oleg Pavlov, who died during the last Thanksgiving season from a fall while working on his home.

HPOU Executive Director Ray Hunt said the donations to the special account will “go 100% to Officer Pavlov’s children.” Hunt pointed out that Pavlov died after only serving HPD for a few years, resulting in a very low pension under these circumstances.

Here’s how to make the donation:

Ask for the Alyona Pavlova Account – Account No. 250. Make donations of the size of your choice.

Hunt expressed special thank-you’s to Kim Foster and Darlene Davis, the president and vice president, respectively, for the credit union located across the street from the Union’s 1600 State Street offices.

“Without Kim and Darlene, we couldn’t have set up this account and we are very appreciative for their help in providing for the family of Officer Oleg Pavlov.”

The officer left a wife and three daughters.