HPROA urges Under 65 officers and retirees to closely study open enrollment insurance

Just a quick word to let everyone know that the HPROA is working in close concert with the Human Resources Department to get the correct information out to our Under-65 retirees that are facing the upcoming open enrollment on health insurance issues.

We are hard at work getting the bugs out of the programs which have some new additional assessments and fees, as well as the new dental provider requirements.

The vision provider will not change.

We’re working closely with HR to make sure our members get the correct info and understand exactly what additional fees can be avoided and how to avoid them.

As a historical note, the HPROA’s efforts on behalf of the Under 65 retirees has been an ongoing thing since at least 2010 when Mayor Parker wanted to increase their health and dental insurance costs by 49 percent.

HPROA Executive Director Bill Elkin opposed this move publicly at a City Council meeting and subsequently garnered support against the proposal from a majority of City Council members as well as the Firefighters and Municipal Employees groups.

There’s currently a bill being proposed in Austin dealing with retirees’ right to carry and the qualification process. We’re keeping a close eye on the proposed changes and tracking its progress through the gristmill of the Legislature.

The Family Assistance Committee is working hard to help those that need it, especially after this last storm.

Plans are in the works to resume the monthly business meetings as soon as possible, hopefully within the next month or so.

If you’re retired – or thinking about it – it to your benefit to be an HPROA member even if you’re just in the DROP and/or PROP programs.