In May 24 Runoff, HPOU PACHPOU endorses . . .

THE EVER-DILIGENT HPOU PAC REMINDS Union members to vote in the May 24 runoff election, where some very important offices have two candidates but one choice the PAC believes will best service HPOU members and their families.

Those runoff races on the ballot include the following with the PAC’s endorsed candidates listed here (click here to print):

Texas Attorney General                     Ken Paxton (R)

Texas Land Commissioner                 Dawn Buckingham (R)

Texas Senate Dist 24                           Pete Flores (R)

Texas House Dist 19                           Justin Berry (R)

Texas House Dist 61                           Frederick Frazier (R)

Texas House Dist 133 (Dual)              Shelley Barineau (R)

Texas House Dist 133 (Dual)               Mano DeAyala (R)

Texas House Dist 147                         Danielle Keys Bess (D)

Harris County Judge                          Alexandra del Moral Mealer (R)

Harris County Comm Pct 2 (Dual)     Jack Morman (R)

Harris County Comm Pct 2 (Dual)     Jerry Mouton (R)