Investigation Targeting the “Early Boys”

In November of 2022, an investigation targeting the “Early Boys” faction within the “Scoot Up’ gang alliance was initiated. There were three case agents assigned to this investigation and Officer Peverill was the main case agent from HPD utilizing resources from the Department of Justice’s Organized Crime and Gang Section to dismantle the most violent gangs operating in the area.

Operations were conducted in a safer and more effective manner utilizing confidential informants to collect evidence and without the need to exchange actual drugs or money in the process of “fake reversals”.

Houston coordinated three of these operations between May and August of 2023. Two money laundering operations of $100,000 were conducted which exposed $1.5 million dollars in financial fraud being conducted by the gang. The efforts culminated in August with the arrests of 18 individuals who were leaders of the “Early Boys”. Their arrests will make a lasting impact on violent crime in Southeast Houston.

Some key stats from this operation include the seizure of 46 kilograms of methamphetamine pills and 41 firearms. The investigation also led to 21 federal indictments and arrests.

Although this was a cumulative effort by different agencies and personnel, Senior Police Officer Peverill was one of the three lead case agents and represented HPD. His countless hours of work on this investigation led to its successful completion. Officer Peverill ensured that safety was always the main objective and the novel use of reversals without exposing officers to danger has been applauded by the FBI Director as innovative and very effective. Since this was the first of its kind operation, Officer Peverill took on an immense challenge head on and ensured its successful completion. For that, Officer Peverill is awarded investigator of the month.


Author Editorial Staff

Published March 11, 2024